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The Loan System

Basically, this wish is for in-guild (and/or religions) loans. Where the guild offers so much to a member of the guild in exchange for so much more in return.

Basically, a noble requests a loan of so much gold, and the guild could then offer that noble that amount of gold along with a fee (or charge), that they expect to be paid back.

  • In order to prevent the spamming of the message system, only those members of senior (or possibly founder-specified) rank would be able to offer loans.
  • Also, the guild itself would have to initiate the in-game loan process. In other words, while a noble would request gold in a message to the guild, the guild's chosen loan givers would have to offer them a set of terms.
  • The loan offer would then be either accepted or denied depending on whether or not they found the terms agreeable.
  • Loans would operate on a seperate system than that of the guild treasury. While they would draw on the guild treasury to give out loans, the noble's treasury balance would operate nearly seperate of the loan balance.


  1. For example, lets say a noble goes to thier guild's senior members and asks for a loan of 50 gold. In reponse, a senior member of adequate rank offers that member a loan of 50 gold, with a fee of 5 gold. If accepted, that noble's treasury balance would not be allowed to have any withdrawls taken out, or deposits entered, until repayment of the loan. Apon repayment the noble would pay 55 gold to the guild through the loan system, and all of it would go to the guild treasury. This results in a 5 gold gain to the guild.
  2. In another example, that wouldn't use the loan balance, the noble's loan would be subtracted directly from their treasury balance (restricting loans to the maximum allowed debt), and using the same numbers as the previous example, 50 gold would be used to repay their debt, the other 5 would go directly to the guild treasury (and not affect thier debt). Still, this results in a 5 gain gold for the guild.

However, such a system musn't be abused. As in medieval times, those with many debts sometimes found it hard to get more, as their reputation was ruined by their lack of payments. As such, leaving the guild with an outstanding loan debt (assuming the loan system is used) would cause a prestige and honor loss. the honor loss would be considerably larger than the prestige. I figure that a loss of 1 honor for every 10 gold on the loan and 1 prestige for every 50 to be reasonable. As well as a public message sent out to the realm (or perhaps just the guild.. the realm would be more effective) that "[Insert name] has left [insert guild name] with a debt of [insert loan debt] and this has caused him to lose [honor loss] and [prestige loss]". This would keep people from taking out large quantities of money and then leaving the guild to escape payment, as other guilds would wise up to such actions by this noble, and be far more wary of them when giving out loans.


I know, you may think that the honor loss is a bit sharp, but it is there to act as a deterent to theft (as well as the prestige loss and public message). Anyways, let me know what you think. --Kag 09:25, 3 August 2006 (CEST)