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There are some feature requests that are quite common, but that Tom decided long ago that he will never grant, for one reason or another. Generally, they do not fit in with the balance or the milieu of the game. This is a listing of the frequently rejected wishes and an explanation of his reasoning behind deciding never to allow them. An item not being on this page does not mean that it does not belong on the list -- merely that nobody has bothered to add it.

Recruiting Away from Capital

This would make it much easier to fight long-distance wars, which messes with game balance in ways Tom does not want. The capital needs to be an important place, and this keeps it so.

Reply to All on Messages

This would increase spam in the realm, which is a definite no-no.

Transfers of Gold (not bonds); Transfers of Money Not in Cities

These would seriously upset the balance of the game, allowing long-distance wars and a number of other things Tom does not want. There's a reason for the difference between gold and bonds.

Changing of Region Types (including building or destroying cities)

This would utterly destroy game balance, as well as being infeasible with the way the maps work (they are static images, created painstakingly ahead of time).

Archery Skill or Archery Contest in Tournaments

Archery was not something nobles did. It does not fit the milieu.

Anything to cater to the specific problems of MSIE users

Internet Explorer is an abomination, and should be cleansed from the earth. If you have a problem with it, download Firefox. It's way better in almost every way.

Prison Break option for Infiltrators

Infiltrators already have a greater chance than others of escaping, and it happens automatically.


This is a Dungeons-and-Dragons-based concept that doesn't fit the milieu. If you want to play Dungeons and Dragons, go ahead...but this is BattleMaster.

Newbie-only island

This would shut newbies away from some of the most interesting aspects of the game—the players—and would, in the end, be counterproductive. Integrating them into the general population right off is the best way for them to learn the game.

Non-Human races

They do not fit with the milieu. Yes, there is magic, there are undead, and there are monsters, but it's still (more or less) an Earth analogue, which means that everyone is human. Except for Sirion on the East Island, where you can find Elves (special dispensation due to long-standing, pre-existing RP when the human-only rule was created), but that's another story. They keep to themselves, and don't flaunt or otherwise push it on other realms.

Confirmation dialogs

Unless the action is a very drastic one, you don't need your hand held. If you clicked on it by mistake, too bad: learn to live with it.

Plagues, famines, diseases, etc

Random events having significant effects on characters and realms don't make the game fun.

Guilds/Religions As Banks

See above, re: gold & bonds.

Guilds Founded By Regular Knights

Would vastly increase the number of guilds, and detract from the multi-player nature of the game.

All actions, including messaging, to be resolved at the start of the next turn

People will move their communications outside the game.