Wish List/Fine editing and reviewing for Judges

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So many times I have found myself placing a fine and realizing that "WOW I am a simpleton, what was I thinking he is a good kid we'll let him go this time." Possibly that 200 gold fine was a bit harsh...first offense we'll make it 10 gold. The point I am trying to make is that no progress has been made with fines. You can edit bans and have no problems lifting them either. But when it comes to fines its a one shot deal and you never hear of it again. If you were able to edit the fine to a less or greater amount, or even completely lift the fine. Many lives would be saved, homes rebuilt and the well being of man kind restored.

Another thing that would greatly convenience Judges with fines would be the ability to review fines of the realm. If on this review "link" if that is what you would like to call it. You would have the characters name...how much the fine was for...when the fine took place...for what reason...and a lift option. This is rather similar to bans and it should be; they are both punishments and should be held with equal importance.