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Wetham is a smaller realm located in the Northwest coast of the Colonies. But fret not over our size, we always welcome a noble who is dedicated to both King and country.

The War with the Assassins

The woodland of South Bakker has long been a claim of Wetham, though occupied by the Assassins. Because of this, a state of war has existed between the two realms for many years.

After several more battles in South Bakker, the war is still in a dead-lock. It's a battle of attrition as the Assassins are dug in well in South Bakker, and their recruitment centers are closer. While Wetham has the upper hand in numbers and gold, their supply lines are stretched thin.

The Battle of South Bakker's Wall

The battle on the fourteenth of January in 1007, was a massive affair, with most of both sides involved in the battle. However, with the palisade to defend from, the Assassins were able to gain an advantage, then scatter the Wetham army. Of note, the general of the army, Sir Atticus, was seriously wounded in the battle.

Wounded in Battle:

  • Tess Salamat
  • Vidara Asgard
  • DeForest McGowan, former Count of Lavraz
  • Constantine Highland, Count of Lavraz
  • Tomas O'claude Ve, Count of Hulaferd
  • Sir Atticus DragonBreath, General of Wetham, former King of Wetham

The Battle of South Bakker's Wall, Verse 2

On March 10, 1007 Wetham forces attacked South Bakker again. History repeated itself, with the palisade in the region providing ample defense for the Assassin scum. The other factor tilting the balance to the Assassins favor was their large amount of militia. It seems the people of South Bakker exist solely to feed the mouths of all those brutes, who step on their lives and freedom every day. Of note, Lady Kureshtal was captured during the battle. With a slight nod of respect to Lord Innocent, she was released unharmed several days later.

Wounded in Battle:

  • Hermistophus

The South Bakker Conflict

In brief: another attack against South Bakker on 05/04/1007. Another loss due to absence of a few nobles, reinforcements from the Assassins, and a missing Marshal Boswick.

Attack prompted by an Assassin rebellion instigated by their Judge, Lord Innocent.

Wounded in Battle:

  • Lord Timarvay
  • Killian

The Assassin Offensive

On 08/23/1007 a major offensive was launched against the Assassins from Hulaferd. Months of preparation had gone into the attack and the valiant nobles of Wetham were ready. Amazingly, though the numbers were almost even after the Assassins had time to prepare thanks to the acts of the traitor Timarvay, Wetham won. In part due to the Assassins large militia force leaving the walls behind, Wetham was victorious. A take over was started in South Bakker and the offensive continues.

Assassins Offensive Battles

Brief History of the Different Leaders

(Taken from the Old Library)

The General:

The Original General, Cpt. Pot, was doing well. But then, for seemingly no reason, went into a coma. (He autopaused, assumed accident or a computer failure IRL....something went wrong, he isnt in BM anymore, nor is he on AIM or anything else)

Sir Atticus took over for many months.

Then most recently Lord Chault of Hulaferd was given the position when Sir Atticus became King of Wetham. He took a step back from the conflict to increase the discipline and size of the Asker Army. Soon the battle will rage again.

In an unfortunate turn of events The Grand Marshal Chault has died in a Skirmish On the outlying borders of Wetham and Outer Tilog. The Lord Belkin has been appointed High Marshal in his Grieved Absence.

The Judge:

The Original Judge, who was able to lay down a simplistic rule layer, was also Duke of the City. When someone else who could be Judge came, Alex stepped down, because he was Duke, and that was plenty for him to do.

(The current Judge of Wetham is Drake.)

It was Drake. Now Wetham has moved on, and elected a promising young immigrant from Rancagua on the East Island, as Arch Priest with power over life and limb.

Arch Priest Wolfgang judged well. He was chosen as the new King after Sir Atticus fell ill.

Sir Boswick was deemed the most suitable to become the next Arch Priest. His approach to the position was the same as it always was, straight-forward and bloody. Many now shake in fear at his name.

The Banker:

Pepe was the original Banker of Wetham. He did paid work, lost his prestige, then got wounded by an assassin. He could not become Banker again.

The second Banker was Cpt. Pot, who went into a coma and still has not woken up yet.

Then as Banker of Wetham came von Mellenthin. The position has changed hands to a new person once again.

The current Banker is Lady Kureshtal. Her proper title is: Royal Treasurer of Wetham. As pretty as the gold she mints and distributes, she is an asset to the realm.

Wetham Families

This is where the families of Wetham can provide a quick link to their family history, if they have one, or they can write a little bit about their family on these pages.

As of the 08/25/1007 census, we have 30 noble members in the Kingdom. Let us keep growing, both in faith and in power. Long live the King!

The loyal Nobles are:

Albert Bennet
Sir Atticus
Sir Boswick
El'rinal Veanne'aedin
Lady Kureshtal
Lorebass McBlathery
Percy Namtrah

Deceased Wetham Members

Sir Chault
Rufus Godwin

Families formerly of Wetham

Hemming Namtrah

The Wetham Hall of Literature

~These are collections of Songs, Poems, and Books/Stories written by the nobles and the people of Wetham.

Location of Wetham
Continent / Island Colonies
Capital Wetham
Largest City Wetham
Government System

Lord of Air - King
Lord of Fire - General
Lord/Lady of Water - Judge
Lord/Lady of Earth - Banker


Wolfgang VonRavenHeart
Wasylis Zond
Lady Vidara Asgard
Lady Kureshtal Kestrel

Region Numbers 0
Population 0 (Rank 6th)