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Sfara is the son of Hanajan, the vanished, and mad, member of the Vellos Family, last seen in Batesaor. While nobody REALLY knows if Sfara is a member of the Vellos Family, he does claim to be related, though not exactly with pride. Not only that, but he has a total disregard for honor and morality. His father was a wild man of the wood who raped a village woman, then took the child when she birthed it. Sfara was raised in an unforgiving environment in the mountains of the southern areas of the Far East, alone with his father. One day, Sfara awoke, and found that his father was gone, and he wandered lived alone for some time more, fighting monsters and undead, fending for himself, living off of what he could salvage.

He is typically dressed in just a breechcloth, covering only the necessities. The rest of his body is covered in tattoos of undead, monsters, trees, forests, animals, and mythical objects. He has wooden pegs driven through his nose and ears, and carries a bow and obsidian dagger.

Finally, Sfara rejoined human society, and joined the Principality of Zonasa, though still retaining his independence and uncivil tendencies, and he continued functioning much as he always had. Quickly, Sfara began challenging his fellow adventurers to duels, and being challenged himself. Largely due to giving himself the title of Lord-Adventurer of Zonasa. With startling swiftness, Sfara, while not totally civilized, was shifting from a brooding and callous creature, to a humorously brooding and callous creature.

Over time Sfara quieted down, and hunted monsters and undead, and sought out rare items. With the help of a sage in Zonasa named George he created the Impenetrable Gauntlets of the Vulcano, which he gave to jonathan, of the Principlaity of Zonasa, in exchange for the royal sum of 50 gold, and a recomendation of nobility. Due to thse things he became overconfident and proclaimed himself High Baliff of Hutael, challenging adventurers nearby to duels. QUickly, in the first round of the War of Hutael, he was wounded, but he did manage to convince the adventurer Autam to join him, though about 6 or 7 adventurers nearby sided against him: two whole hunting parties.

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