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WARNING Those Diary are private you have to ask to Muris VecchioRatto for look at it WARNING

Travel diary of Milmice: Madina Quest

South Cross

i have departed from Madina, with nothing in front of me, a marine captain have accepted to transport me in a city he know in the north. I think this man is a pirate. I have few gold, my sword and armor, a bow, and some of the equipment i saved from my days of travelling. I have started to draft a map, i will add to my diary.

Island of the Center

The island is big, i saw from the boat there's people who go around fishing with strange boat and farm just in the backland. The boat captain tell me there's a lot of trader in the island, and trought that port is possible pass the inside sea of Dwilight. I'm not interested in this travel. I will stay few days for refit and regain a little strength.

Golden Farrow

Standing on the ships prow, the golden roofs of Golden Farrow reflect the suns rays and shine brightly in a wondrous manner. Yet as is evident by the heavily armed caravans bring trading goods from the west and the clearly visible sentries on the cities vast walls, the city is clearly under constant siege by the monsters that roam these untamed lands.

The Waywatchers Oath

'Then i see the city of Via, between Lower and Upper Via, seems like all people of the region are escape here, under siege from Undead. Brave warrior defend the city of Via, seem is troop are called "Waywatchers" this place is good, i will come here when the undead are gone.

This is what Shuren Ikalak Corporal of The Waywatchers Brigade of Castle Via tell to me Milmice Vecchio Ratto during my travel with him:

"no traveller will be harmed until Waywatchers guard the road"

"the past lord of Via, was a vassal Echiur. During that period, Golden Farrow was in war with Echiur. For that was created the fortified Pass of Via. That pass is a crucial place for all the region, was the only safe road for go trought the Barrow Chain and the deep Forest Lavendrow.

The war during seven year and after two year of siege Force of Golden Farrow take Castle Via. The Vizir of Golden Farrow, impressed by the bravery of Shiro Kentamai the leader the castle resistence decide to not tear down the castle and found here an important stagional market.

The crossing of Via acquire even more importance. The market of Via, placed in the middle of the caravan way between Echuir and Golde Farrow in the west east axis, and between Shokaloom and Itau in the North Sout Axis, bring to the city a lot of welness and improve all the area economy. But soon the two long caravan way become pray for brigant and the incoming Monster Invasion. the Regent of Via, Lord Serenghe Kelari decide to found a mercenary corp to protect trader on the way. After year the Waywatchers Army become the main army of Via and sponsored by Golden Farrow and Echuir start to protect all the road of the region. This way the Waywtchers lose a little the shape of the elite army for become more similar an expansive Watcher. Loosing quality, the utility of the army end. last combat recorded away from Via is the Wakreno Defeat, in that plain over four hunderd Waywatchers from Echiur and Via regiment fall under a huge Moster swarm hit, Ghurian Kelari, the last descendant of the Waywatchers Founder was slaughterd in this plain

Golden Farrow regiment, was disbanded and absorbed in the Main Army. So the castle Via regiment, was the last active Waywatchers regiment. With only 100 man that force can't do anything else to protect the castle. With the fall ot the Waywatchers the comunication n the region become diffucult, but the castle never fall again, even aganist the Monster Swarm or the following Necromancer rising. The economy of the region, and the surroding area fast decrease, leaving the area only the scent of the past greatness.

Now the Waywatchers of Via, try to reactivate comunication on the acient caravan way, following Trader and traveller. They never fight again aganist monster, but prefer to take some secret way for avoid it.

The castle of Via fallen apart slowly due the time injury and the lack of found for it. But until now thanks to the waywatchers regiment none after the Vizir of Golden Farrow reach the aim of cross the pass without the Watchers authorization. Now the waywatchers count around 40 man in Via and other 20 occuipied in trader escorting and in new path finding."

this is what i can record. I reported this on my travel book, and i sign here my intection of return here for take the lead of the waywatchers and rebuild the glory fo this Army and with it the Tradsing system around Via.

the Gold of Barrow peaks

... i travel until Barrow peaks searching for the gold mine who provide Golden Farrow, nothing found only mountain and stone, and monster, a lot of monster noone live here, i think this place is good for nothing, maybe as hunt reserve...

The Dragon Song

...Dragon Song, my guide tell me a lot about this place, originally it was a Temple, made by ancient people for adoration and sacrifice for the Dragon, after become a stronghold of a defensive system against dragon (other one is called Nightwatch but I think is to far for me to visit even that place), build by west city for avoid the dragon menace, the story say this was a wrong move, dragon irritated for this change of attitude attack the greatest city of the west destroying it. Now her eerie dragon song live an hermit only, who take care of the ancient religion of Dragoon, sometime some pilgrim come bringing sacrifice for this ancient idol. the hermit is dangerous, if found any stranger he try to sacrifice him to the dragon. When i visited the place i run away from him, i save my life just thanks an horde of undead who stopped the hermit, is a dangerous place, but I'm sure that stronghold is full of treasure...

Volcano Nightscree sickness

I approchead the area with cautions, animal and other creature are now rare, are days i don't meet people, only people i found stare at me from teh ground, void eye, white skull of acient man and animal, sick claw grasp the sky. A black clouded mountain shadow is falled on me. I'm scared, i have explored dark cave and dunegon filled with lich and the worst neast who spawned from the Inferi, but nothing have scared me like this shadow. I found some trails of life, i will follow it, Deamon, i found two group of minor deamon, seat down under the mountain, each group coloured with yellow and red insigna. Two big Demon Lord are busy in making ritual under the mountain, a strange fog slowly come down from teh mounatain, from this morning i feeling strange, the earth shake every few hours. For the sake of Rat, the deamon have carved the mountain with a bog shake, now a pour of lava come out and they drink it! i have strnage feelings, a white rain have covered me, i'm sick, and i think they have smelled me. i will go away. I cannot walk well, i have vertigo and fever, i have to move on, deamon come for me. They come they come. The force of the inferi will destroy me, i'm damned. i have to run.

i have runned for many days i don't know many. i waked up in the middle of a field, a stag have waked me. I have fever and tremors. I have dreamed all? I'm thirsty and exausted. Pain burn all my bones. I have to go away i feel pain only looking at the distant smoke cap of the Vulcano.

Back to home

I decided to come back trough land, i'm sure i can reach madina by land... Then i saw the city of Saffalore, a very nice and small city grouped around a castle, seem like a large market is organized here every two month, trade goods from all the north come here for meet trader from the south, the people here was wehalty and nice there's no monster around, but i can cleary see sign of battle with that creature...


note on meeting with Mekoring Baldur, extracted from Baldur Travel Log We left Shokalom and entered a huge rural region called Vassar, full of sign of monsters activity. After a long travel we found a forest on Vassar´s frontier, a dark and silent forest. After entering it we faced some forest goblins. I dont think these vermin are alone here, but i suspect that are part of a bigger army. These forest will need to be clared of these vermin in the future. On happier news, i contacted again with Sir Milmice, the Madinian explorer of the north. He sent me a copy of his map, and some advices and contacts in the north. I am very thankful to him, and i will send him a copy of my discoveries.

Avenel Impresa

Report of Avenel impresa from memory of Rev Athins

Diary of Milmice: Ordenstaat Impresa

Caerwyn Winter

The Lion of Fissoa

Judge of the Grand Duchy

motto of Milmice Judge Position in Fissoa. "I will operate in all the way for keep the peace in the Grand Duchy of Fissoa, I will protect our throne from any viscous snake and I will do all in my strength to bring our Grand Duchy to the glory. Long live the Grand Duke, and Glory to the Grand Duchy of Fissoa!" - Milmice Vecchioratto, Judge of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa

Hard time in Fissoa, i want to go in the west again, i'm a man of sword not word, and now i have to fight with word for protect my dear friend and Liege.

Here can be foun citation of Brother Arden Fury about first meet with Milmice and their stay in Fissoa

The Quest

the Foundation

Milmice and other Ordenstaat founder portrait.

February 26, 2009 New Colony Formed in Rettleville. Grand Duchy of Fissoa has taken control of Rettleville, a former rogue region, and established a colony there. Ordenstaat is born. Milmice Vecchio Ratto becomes the ruler and assumes the title of Grand Master.

extract from Dwilight_Daily

(extracted from Ordenstaat History) Ordenstaat has been established as a Colony of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa by four brave knights:

Ordenstaat's history began on the first day of Spring of the fifth year of Dwilight, with the taking over of Rettleville. Here some note about the epic foundation of Ordnestaat. The second region, Rettlewood, was added soon but with high casualties. The beginnings were tough. To name just a few of the problems the realm faced:

  • hordes of Monsters in Rettlewood, leading to losing the region for some time
  • hunger and low production problems
  • lost TO unit

The brave founders, joined by a priest of the Order, Zanaras Tian and nobles Francis Kinsey, Osmund Wentwood and Dioklecian Argentum, withstood the difficulties and made the realm grow. The chronicles of the early period mention that Ordenstaat received help from Madina and Terran. Both realms sold Ordenstaat food at a critical moment and helped them to fight against rogues. Ordenstaat kept peace with their neighbours, keeping in mind their main goal - to tame the Daimon invasion that looms from the west.

Attempting the Takeover of Celtiberia the unit of the Grand Master was decimated in a furious battle against huge monsters. The Inferi Hunter infantry, weakened by a month of corvee and full of young, inexperienced soldiers fail to prevail against three large packs of Monsters. A new noble arrived in Ordenstaat. Maeotis is under control and assigned to Brother Justicar Eddard Oakheart. Rettlewood was attacked by various parties of creatures. Attempting to free the region, Ordenstaat's small Army lead by Brother Bellator Arden Fury was crippled. At other times the monsters showed sharp tactics, catching the Inferi Hunters in an ambush.

Fortunes turned on day 32 of the realm. Madina's Border Patrol Army arrived to eradicate rogues plaguing Ordenstaat. At the same time a number of new Knights joined Ordenstaat. A new period of growth was thus started.

Day 36: "Life was moving along across the land, this day much as any other. Yet as the sun was climbing in the sky with promises of a stifling summer day animals across the land suddenly became skittish.

With much cursing and laughing over the entire issue, the humans of the land were soon to discover what had caused such troubles. A faint tremor through the ground cut the puzzlement short. The shaking knocking down thatch and dust, the occasional ladder. Halting their work to look around bewildered there was suddenly a great belch of dust and soot to the west. The billowing cloud of white ash grew quickly along the horizon, rising into the heavens until it blotted out the sun. Mingling with the clouds the blanket covered the sky even as the ground continued to quake and grumble.

Yet as quickly as it had began, the plume of ash fell to the earth as a still hot rain, sizzling against the flesh of those outdoors, and causing plants to smolder. By mid afternoon there was nearly no sign of the strange event, save the damage to crops, men, and wilds."

The event shock the Brotherhood, a dark sign of the dreadful creatures who lie in the northwest.

Day 42: Many new knights arrive in Ordenstaat, some new knights even emerge from the local noble families. Finally the Banner of The Inferi Hunters is raised. It is the first Army of Ordenstaat. New Brotherhood initiations conducted after the liberation of Rettlewood thanks to the help of Madina's Border Patrol Army. After The Inferi Hunters move in to Celtiberia, Brother Arden Fury starts a Friendy Takeover of the region. Brother Loricatus takes the Second in Command position of the army after receiving the Green Lion Badge of the Brotherhood.

Day 46: New region - Celtiberia is added to the realm. Brother Loricatus becomes the local Lord. At the same time the Brotherhood welcomes a new member - Sir Zeromus Abaron.

Day 48: First battle of The Inferi Hunters in Rettlewood, in the morning, the rain of arrows defeat the force of dreadful beasts and undead corpses.

Day 53: Kydonia taken over. Brother Dioklecian Argentum is appointed the first Viscount.

Day 58: Brother Zeromus become the first lord of Nark and with help of The Inferi Hunters he succesfully defends the region from aggression. A new Brother joins the ranks of the Brotherhood: Sir Xiahou, the one-eyed warrior.

Day 61: Madina's Border Patrol Army appears again in Maeotis. The Inferi Hunters fight their first battle together with Madina to eradicate the horde of Monsters who rampage in Rettlewood.

Day 69: Thysan added to the realm. A day earlier Celtiberia revolts and announces independence. Ordenstaat readies for winter. No need to worry, however, as warehouses are full of food. All region lords are instructed what to do in case of hunger.

The Revolt

(extracted from Ordenstaat History) On Day 73 of Year 1 of Ordenstaat, evil forces aimed for the destruction of the realm. Xiohou Dun staged a rebellion against the rightful authorities of Ordenstaat. Scribes manage to get a copy of his letter send to the nobles of the realm:

Members of Ordenstaat, Tyr and Zisa has visited me in my dreams. 
They said that the current government has abandoned the beliefs of 
The Order of St. Iestyn. Ordenstaat can't be ruled by heretics! 
Therefore, on orders from Tyr, and instructions from Zisa, I have 
started a  rebellion. 

All followers of the Order of St. Iestyn know that Tyr and Zisa do not interfere in the matters of the mortals, so it was obvious from the very beginning that Xiahou had been possesed. Or at least his greed led him to commit the fatal error. Not surprisingly, few nobles joined the rebellion. May all who study Ordenstaat's history know the names of those who disgraced themselves by supporting the rebellion:

  • Weinard Crusader
  • Cao Cao
  • Gordon Bradley
  • Shou Tucker
  • Jaden Chapell

If names of rebels are remembered, more so should the names of those who stood on the side of truth and order:

  • Grand Master Milmice
  • Baron Zeromus Abaron
  • Duke Arden Fury
  • Sir Dain Bornhald
  • Sir Dante Redgrave
  • Dame Sakura Kenji
  • Viscount Dioklecian Argentum
  • Baron Reynevan Silesian
  • Lord Antan Christenson
  • Viscount Eddard Oakheart

It is worth noting that none of Ordenstaat Lords supported the rebellion.

Rebels had the advantage of surprise and also supreme military might. They stayed in the capital while the rest of the army moved out. Ordenstaat was saved by the quick and brave action of Duke Arden who alone reached the capital in time to battle the rebels. Vastly outnumbered and wounded by enemy arrows, he nevertheless managed to delay the rebels. This was followed shortly by Lord Antan who made a suicidal assault with his few remaining men. From that point on, the rebels were doomed. Great political, social and religious pressure was brought to bear upon them. Lord Zeromus somehow managed to persuade the rebels to give up and leave the capital. After a few more days the rebellion died out and order was restored.

The Paladine League

The Sickness

The Caos have take the power in Ordenstaat i feel it in my bones, Painfull. My day are painfull, i barely have the energy for write. I know, outside the door of my room things get worst, i hope the faith of my Brother will be enough for fight back the daimon seduction. Tyr and Zysa have abbanoned me? I'm not enough harsh? not enough strong as leader? ...

Argentum Order heresy

After a month of a myriad of other duties to attend to I have finally had a chance to settle down in my estate in Maeotis and get around to writing on the Argent Order, it's creation, beliefs, and goals. The Argent Order was born primarily out of discontent between the various members of the Order of Saint Iestyn's Ordo Procelae, or the faith's upper echelons. A good deal of this discontent came from the main church in the East to recognize the church West, represented mostly by myself. It all reached the boiling point when then Duke Arden Fury was being put up for promotion into the Ordo Procelae itself--to a position that would've actually made him "outrank" me in the faith. The entire process seemed to be running rather smoothly until all communication from the East just ceased without warning. At first I assumed it was just another of Drystan's quiet spells and that it would pass shortly. It didn't. In fact I'm fairly certain the next time I heard from him was when I closed the temples in Twainville and Twainwood. Now, Arden Fury, denied the promotion both him and I were certain he was getting, had a reason to support me. And it's from him that most of the funding for the faith came. And in what was typical between then Grand Master Milmice and myself, change came in something of a firestorm. You see, Grand Master Milmice was adamantly against anything that would replace the Order of Saint Iestyn, being what I can only assume to be a very devout believer. So when a new faith was proposed, he denied it. I have had difficulties with him most of the time I was in Ordenstaat, early on to test the resilience of the realm, later just because I was annoyed. This time it was a political firestorm, me and "democracy for Ordenstaat" on one side, and him on the other. I have always been something of a Republican I suppose, we each had our supporters, and I must say it was one of the most interesting times Ordenstaat has probably experienced. It ended in Grand Master Milmice stepping down, and Duke Arden reluctantly replacing him. One of his first acts as Grand Master was to see to a faith to replace the Order of Saint Iestyn. I presented my proposal, and with cooperation from one of the local lords, it came to fruition a short time later. Now the Argent Order stands as the new Beacon of Order in the West.

from Argentum Order report

Diary of Milmice: Meditation in the West

The Wooden Doll

The Dragon Song

The Exile

Whether or not this is a good thing remains to truly be decided upon yet. For those who do not know who Grand Master Milmice is, they must not have dealt with Ordenstaat very much. He was one of four original founders, the idea of Ordenstaat came from his own mind. It was him who lead the expedition to take over Rettleville, and it was him who created the Brotherhood of Ordenstaat. After months of journeying on a self-imposed pilgrimage, he has returned to Ordenstaat. As I said before though, whether this is a blessing or a curse remains to be seen. So far he has attempted to return the Order of Saint Iestyn to Ordenstaat, call loyal realm members heretics, attempted to drive a wedge between the members of the Brotherhood itself by saying what he seems to think those people want to here, and demand a return to the former ways. He has not asked us what has happened in this time, nor asked why we have done what we have done. He has only attacked me, my friends, my faith, and everything we have done since he left. He has decreed that the Argent Order is a heretical faith, founded and tended for by chaos. Yet when asked whether or not he realized why Ordenstaat left Saint Iestyn, he said nothing. Perhaps he doesn't realize that it was the Grand Master of Ordenstaat that saw to the creation of a new faith, one that would serve and have a vested interest in the well being of Ordenstaat. He has claimed that Grand Master Arden is in fact regent of his, that he was not called this though because of what happened with the last regent, yet last I checked it was Grand Master Arden who ruled Ordenstaat, not a man who abdicated the throne and abandoned the very realm he sought to create.

Zanaras Tian arringa aganist Grand Master Milmice Right

The Duel

Caerwyn Debt

Diary of Milmice: D'hara period

The impresa

The War

  • D'Hara's decision to declare war on Ordenstaat in support of Sir Milmice Vecchio Ratto was met with a declaration of war from Caerwyn.

The Battle at Port Raviel

Atop the battlements of Port Raviel’s stronghold, the twin devils of fear and doubt waged another silent battle with Thers Lewinn. His stomach twisted to knots, Thers prayed for a moment of privacy that he knew would never arrive. Until Caerwyn’s advance was rejected, the men and women of the Black Lions would remain upon the walls, ready to defend their King.

The addition of a new member to the coalition of D'Hara's enemies had surprised the young knight. The hostilities against Ordenstaat were destined to enflame the jingoistic nobility of Dwilight’s southern nations, but news of Caerwyn’s umbrage was unexpected. Characteristically, his peers practiced, or at least feigned, restrained disregard for the host that stood against D’Hara. The new hostilities with Caerwyn were widely regarded as routine; as another impotent attempt at the life of their nation. Privately, however, Caerwyn was recognized as something of a different animal from their sworn enemies in Madina. Their northerly neighbors were stronger, and supposedly less apt to baser acts of carnage.

The defenders assembled in the Capital were thus somewhat surprised when the first day of the new war arrived. Thers’ own scouts had supplied many of the reports – Caerwyn traveled with far too few men to challenge successfully. But those scouts were strangers to Sir Lewinn, and the knight himself had publicly questioned the sincerity of the impending attack.


The weather – wretched and drenching, matched the spirit of the event to take place that day. What began lop-sided had thusly devolved into rout; into unmitigated destruction of human life. The attacking forces were butchered without ceremony. The waters of the Port were now destined to serve as a charnel house for generations to come.

What good may come to Caerwyn by such a sacrifice? Thers asked himself repeatedly. The faces of several D’Haran nobles deployed near his Black Arrows suggested similar thoughts. Although the attackers had spent the lives of over five hundred of their own, the task force sent against D’Hara was only a fraction of Caerwyn’s complete strength. There will be another meeting – honestly or with guile, but our business is likely unfinished.


Gismar, the captain of the Black Arrow Guard, barked formation orders to the unit’s burgeoning ranks.

The impending fighting had warranted a rapid expansion of fighting men, and now the Black Arrows were nearly twice as large as ever before. The hardy men of Port Nebel, which Sir Thers and Gismar had recruited together, were all but gone. Death, retirement or consented departure for promotion in other units had left no familiar faces in the Black Arrows. The captain, an experienced veteran by local standards, appreciated the relative freedom of such anonymity. His liege was handling it differently – the knight seemed more distant from his troupe than ever. Thers rarely mingled with his men; instead preferring to brood within his tent upon subjects outside of Gismar’s purview. The knight had become so obsessed with divining the strategies of D’Hara’s enemies that he had forgotten his own birth-day.

As if summoned by thought, Thers Lewinn appeared before Captain Gismar, his dark looks startling. The knight spoke: “Captain, we move to capture and scatter Caerwyn. I will lead half the men; you, the other. Arrest when possible, kill when not.”

As the eighty-odd healthy men of the Black Arrow Guard began their march, the captain snuck a glance at his liege. Thers’ stoic, brooding demeanor seemed to match the scarred black armor he wore. The innocent and fair-hearted young man Gismar had known was quickly disappearing.

citation of War Aganist Corrupted government of Ordenstaat and Caerwyn from Lewinn Thers diary


...Padraig served the Order for a time, ascending even to Archon status, under the tutelage of Silver Archon Zanaras Tian. During the unfortunate events surrounding the return and attempted coup of former Ordenstaat Grand Master Milmice Vecchio Ratto, the Silver Archon was placed under arrest due to accusations of colluding with the D'Haran forces seeking to assist Sir Milmice in his efforts. Unwilling to either admit or deny the accusations, the Silver Archon was banned from the Realm, and Archon Padraig divested himself of his position as Archon in order to once again take up arms in Ordenstaat's defense. In doing so, however, the Argent Order lost its last remaining priest, and faded from prominence in Ordenstaat... citation of Milmice Attempt to bring back order in Ordenstaat in Padraig Havershim Personal History

Follow in Muris Diary