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Please format your comments the same as everyone else. Otherwise it will quickly become unreadable. Your name should come immediately after everything you wrote. e.g.

I think that turnips should 
be considered a fruit. They are tasty and 
delicious, it only makes sense. -- ~~~~~

Note that 4 tildes will expand to your name and the date, 3 tildes will expand to just your name. 2 tildes will expand to simply the date.

You can also use one or more colons (:) in front of your paragraph to indent the text. More than one asterisk (*) will indent the bullet.

I moved your family page from [[House Lankmere]] to Lankmere Family in order to conform to the standardized family link name. Try to use [[Lankmere Family]] for the link for consistency (though the former will continue to direct people to the correct page). I hope this doesn't cause you any problems. --John 31 August 2005 15:58 (CEST)

Not a Problem...

Appreciate the help!


I see in the sandbox you've got something like a realm infobox. You might want to compare with User:DorianGray/Template:Infobox_Realm which is used at User:DorianGray/Taith_Aenil. I proposed this around June or July and I think it eventually got junked because it would require maintenance that some people just wouldn't put in (council member changes, etc). Also, you might want to consider moving your sandbox to User:Mouser/Sandbox or something - I remember a debate on the correct location for personal sandboxes at some stage as well. --DorianGray 1 September 2005 15:14 (CEST)

My bad, it's guild infobox. Eh, some of the above still applies :P --DorianGray 1 September 2005 15:15 (CEST)

How do you use the talk feature?


How do you use the Talk feature?

I've moved my personal sandbox. Thanks for the input.

Family Members

I moved all of your characters so they are subpages of the family page. Among other reasons, it is possible for two characters to have the same name if they're on different continents. -- Nicholas September 2, 2005 06:18 (CEST)

Thank You editors, etc.

I don't know where else this shows up, but that you all for your patience while I learn the syntax and structure--Mouser 2 September 2005 17:50 (CEST)

Guild Template

Would you mind if I borrowed the template you use for the ~V~ guildhalls? It's really quite good :) --Roy 9 March 2006 17:02 (CET)

I have also taken the main form of your template about the ~V~ guildhouses and I have only made some few minor changes before using it. If you have any problem with that, then please contact me at my User page, so that I can take care of it. Thanks --Paris 14:20, 19 August 2006 (CEST)