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Please do remember to check the "minor edits" box if it's a minor edit, and remember to use the preview button. That way you won't clutter up the Recent changes page. -- Kristian

(In response to your comment on my talk page:) No problem, we're just trying to edumacate people how to use the wiki most effectively. Yes, it's been a long time - but now I have a char in Sirion, so perhaps we'll meet on the battlefield soon =) -- Kristian

You screwed up my streak of edits and additions. How could you? Hahahaha... 'Tis ok, I was running out of things anyways. -- Kag

Speaking of such things, I should prolly get over to work on Sargons. I'm sure I could really pull off a story, since he came from Ibladesh in the first place... Fighting against the enemy, and then fighting alongside. Heh. -- Kag

Well, I don't have much else to do, so I'm actually going through the wanted pages. Oh yeah, what's your MSN contact address? -- Kag 5 February 2006 09:36 (CET)

ok i figured out the subpage thing since its supposed to be linked to a guild page, and i made the new page from the original one but what do i do with the original page that i had? how do i go about deleting it? - Del Toro


Any discussions related to Perdan

Haha, lots of additions to this. Just so yeh know, I worked out a Perdan Info template. Already got it tuned and in operation for the Perdan page. Just thought I should let you know, since you are the other official editor of it. -- Kag 5 February 2006 10:01 (CET)


Yeah i could use some help... like on manny realm pages you see a map of Belluatara with the lands of the realm coloured in. how do you do somthing like that? paint? -- User:Grim-Reaper

From what I know, the entire continent map is greyed out, and the realm is coloured manually. Marouane

User page deletion?

If you really want to delete it, then go to Meta:Delete Request. --The1exile 17:47, 27 September 2006 (CEST)