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The Banner maker

Gran duchy of Fissoa, Melodia, Sultanate of Asena. Caerwyn... journal and family insigna

and some other incomig show banner made by a Vecchio Ratto Family

you can watch it in the bannerlibrary

fell free to contact me if you need a banner. I prefer if you can contac my PG in a IC way Nezumi in Avalon Beluaterra, Milmice in Dwilight and Nyfitsa in the east continent. For that i ask some kind of IC payment, not necesarly Gold.

If you want for a continent where i don't have the PG feel free to ask anyway i can do OOC :)

due to RL problem i was a little outoffantasy and time in the last month, but now i'm back and ready fell fre to ask, and if i forgot someone fell free to reask and sorry for my delay... but you know woman alcol and other over 18 things who i can write here most time are not so compatible con BM and other Nerd things i love like make banner for BM or play the brand new 4ed... :) so i'm happy to say i'm back. (single and nerd.) until next girl who steal my '800 romantic heart... --Vecchioratto 17:24, 16 June 2008 (CEST)

The Dwilight Regional Banner Project


Waywatchers Guild Project

"no traveller will be harmed until Waywatchers guard the road"

this is the motto of the Waywatchers company, look to Via page for found more detail about waywatchers guild. and join me to make this guild IC real. :)

Follower of the Acient Rat

What and who is the Acient Rat?

for answer at that we have to go back in the past, when Perdan City was only a small village. In the pali to east there's some small nomad tribe. That tribe are divided in small Clan. Actually disappear. That Clan are alwys on fight each other for hunt territory. The most famous are:

The Clan of the Swirling Fox - sharp and light

The Clan of the Hidden Snake - poisoned and vicius

The Clan of the Shiny Eagle - pridefull and violent

The Clan of the Acient Rat - survival and wise

The Clan of the Silver Bear - greedy and strong

The Clan of the Fallen Crow - neutral and mystical

The Clan of the Lone Wolf - brave and united

there are numeros other Clan, each for any family. The Hideous Weasel was one of them, is a clan related with Acient Rat. This clan follow the teaching of Totem Spirit who ride free in the plain. The warrior and hunter of those clan join the spirit for war and hunt thanks special ritual, that include eating Fairy. Source of incredible magical power.

When time come's a lot of major war between tribe cause the disappear of a lot of clan, in the end only two tribe survive formed by numeros clan survaivor. The Tribe of the Rat and the Tribe of Fox. In th final stand the tribe of the Rat swaer fidelity to riseing power of Perdan and thanks to this alliance he can bring down the last one tribe.

After the clan of the Rat served as scout for Perdan Army, losing the most part of acient Tribe heritage. No more hunt and no more fairy eating.

The acient way of Totemic Spirit wasn't lost anyway.

with the victory of the Acient Rat tribe, the acient Rat become the powerfull spirit between the totem.

And a new faith is Born The Follower of the Acient Rat

teh principles of this faith are simple. Follow the teching of the acient spirit, in primis the Acient Rat, Master of the new Pantheon.

his teaching are simple:

  • mind to your step
  • ear first speak after
  • avoid conflict
  • take the advantage before a fight
  • have always an escape way
  • look to the future not to the past
  • remember the past you can find teching
  • eat well
  • sleep is important
  • have always a safe place where recover
  • if you have to hit, hit first.
  • there's not difference between death, all bring to the acient plain
  • the acient plain is not happy for no one so try to avoid death
  • watch out from red mushrom
  • fairy are good and give a lot of advantage

about the Fairy Eating, the acient usually take this power from it:

  • strenght in the fight
  • premonition
  • fullfill hunger
  • union wuth the spirits

about the Acient Rat, his attribute was about Dreaming protection, safety of the body and mind, wiseness about conflict. The acient rat appear in dream and often an avatar of him appear in real lif for bring some new tothe most trustable adept.

Actualy the Bringer of his Heritage is Nezumi Vecchio Ratto after the death of Rattler and the follower are Milmice, Wezel and Nifytsa (the last two come from Hideous Weasel branch) other follower are past, but we don't mention here for privacy question.