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As some of you already know, Dexter was taken from us and to honour his time within our community, this is a page where everyone can write their condolences. Perhaps his loved ones can find strength in it..

I didn't know you well, but you brought a lot of spirit to the game with your roleplays and I recall your fun interactions and plotting with others upon Discord fondly. - Vita`

Luna was a lot of fun to play with in Thalmarkin, have fun in Valhalla! - Amyclas

I never got the chance to meet you but everything I have heard from others tells me you were a good guy. You will be missed. - Tominator2004

I knew him as a close Friend in person. He was a kind man. Always spoke very wise, never demanded respect. I've known him all through High School until his time came so early. I would like to add his obituary here. Please try to pay your respects to this great person. -Gregory Montgomery