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Loren Schmidt
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I'm one of the oldest BM players. In fact if you look closely you'll see that the lowest ID number is Stuart's which is 10, I'm in there at 34 I believe, one before Tom. Those 1-9 player ID's were from when the game was paused before it was started again, and I'm almost positive I had one of them. Well I rejoined the game after it was started up again, I can't remember if it was GreyMouser, GreyCloakk, or even James Marshall who told me the game started again, but I came back. Since then I've played through changes that have literally redefined the game. I could tell you stories about how archers once were the best and only way to win. Or perhaps you'd love to be regaled with a tale of how Perdan and Oligarch were the bitterest of enemies, and Fontan and Sirion were at each-others throat (although at the moment they are again). Ubent, Ibladesh, and Itrount destroying Isadril (reborn as Yssaria). I've been on every continent at least once, and could point to several realms which I've Ruled over except a few(colonies, beluterra and the souths). So yeah, I've got a long time in the game. I've lately decided to take a back-seat and let other people fight. Mostly due to time constraints of my own. Trust me it is probably for the better, seeing as how I have a pattern of completely changing my mind about something and warring old friends in the blink of an eye. For a personal history of my characters check out my family page Relak Family.


I can be reached at (loren d0t schmidt a T case edyou - hey you're not a machine!), often times I will reply, but generally unless I know you I doubt I'll even open your email. A better bet is to contact one of my characters in game.


All contributions listed below are primarily my creation. Some of the formatting I've borrowed, I've generally left intact the references wherever possible. Minor edits I'm leaving out.