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To add an extra bit of flavour to war, and the more practical use of an alliance, my suggestion is the following:

A Liberation Takeover


I believe that a new type of takeover should be considered to considerably improve the intrigue and fun in wars. Currently we have two major categories of takeovers, totalling up to four different options. We have a friendly, hostile and brutal takeover, which all lead to annexing a particular region to one's realm. Then there is the colony takeover, which leads to creating a new realm.

However, I propose to introduce a Liberation Takeover which factually enables the realm currently occupying an enemy region to take over the control of that region but to restore it to a previous owner, who should at least have the status of ally to the realm performing the Liberation Takeover and border that region. To clarify what is meant with 'previous owner', it is the realm that has at least one knight still having a claim over that region.

This actively makes allies much more useful in a war, and not just a suicidal meatshield to take in some damage before they refit again. Because, bluntly, that's what allies have been doing in wars: sending their men on plain pointless, suicidal missions (because they usually don't come back and don't really die for their country) to fight for another realm and practically act as a decoy to absorb some of the damage instead of the ally they're helping. All they can actively do (besides acting as meatshield) is loot some regions. Now an ally can effectively take regions over in their ally's stead, making them much more valuable and useful.

Of course, an ally taking over a region for someone else won't fare that well with the population, so their are increased demands of military presence and sympathy towards both the realm the region is being returned to and the realm doing the returning. Also, as new officials will have to arrive from another region (as the realm returning the region has no say in appointing new magistrates), it does take somewhat longer too.

Also, I'd prefer to separate a Liberation Takeover into friendly, hostile and brutal too.


So, in order for realm A to start a Liberation Takeover for realm B, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Realm A has sufficient military presence in the region and military control of the battlefield (i.e. won last battle).
  • Realm A and realm B are allies or federates.
  • Realm B borders the region in question.
  • Realm B has a knight with a claim over the region in question.

In order for the Liberation Takeover to succeed:

  • Realm A as well as realm B's sympathy rate in that region are taken into account, instead of only realm A's sympathy rate as is the case with an ordinary takeover.
  • Optional: The knight of realm B holding the claim must be in the region in question for the takeover to succeed, even if the population is more than willing to convert (by means of civil work, looting, the regular takeover stuff, ...).


For the many reasons I mention above, for starters. It's much more practical to have an actually useful ally instead of a decoy or a meatshield. And also, a fan of realism as I am, it is perfectly logical for an allied realm to liberate occupied land. Such happened in almost every war that involved allies. It also saves allies the trouble of exchanging regions after the takeover is complete, because no one is really fond of losing a region and then having your ally take it for himself.


The takeover-code already exists. Just some altering in the part that takes sympathy into account, as well as some tweaking in the numbers to calculate the odd of the takeover succeeding (as it must be somewhat harder; that's to say, harder than an ordinary takeover but less hard than a colony takeover). And then some additional pre-requirements.