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This suggestion contains actually two parts:

Official warnings

The judge should be able to issue warnings. Not just in letters, but a formal notice such as "Fine Issued!", everyone in the realm gets "Formal Warning Issued!" or something similar.

Instead of a ban or a fine, I think there are many cases that would just require a simple warning to be solved. Fining is now regarded by a lot of nobles as an already pretty severe punishment that sometimes comes as quite a shock. If you warn a noble for his behavior, it's supposed to be an example also. Much judges therefor simply warn by sending a normal letter, but letters are easily looked over and not really taken serious. If a judge could issue a formal warning, that is displayed like an event, people will take it way more serious, and it actually acts as a warning without fining the noble. (Judges tend to fine for 5 gold as warning)

The first suggestion is to make it easier for a judge to point the attention at something, very formally and officially. Yes, this will most likely result in a lot of warnings being handed out, but less fines. When a judge overreacts, protesting is as always an option.

An official log

A log for the judges to keep track of their nobles. In the log (which could personal for each noble) there is a history of former warnings (inrealm), fines (inrealm), and bans (from all realm existing, continent-transversing).

A log could be very useful, simply because it remembers the judge what the noble has already been warned for or fined for. Also, if a new judge is elected/appointed, he can just check the log to be brought up to date to someone's situation. A log could be useful to see what punishment someone deserves. Someone who's been warned for 5 times, really deserves a fine more than someone who didn't get warned at all. It also sketches a bit of a formal background to someone, which gives the judge a better opinion upon the situation. My proposal: -Warnings only dating from the moment the nobles enters the new realm. Warnings from other realms not shown. -Fines, idem. -Bans, which I find pretty important, are all displayed, no matter which realm issued them.

The second suggestion is to make it less easy for nobles to act like the criminal all the time. It isn't logical that someone can get away with very minor offenses, while the offenses do keep racketing up. Also it's not logical that someone who's banned for something, can just integrate into a new realm without being frowned upon. It's just more realistic. It doesn't mean that they can't integrate, but that they should know that it is known and taken into consideration by the judge when he starts breaking the law again. It makes you think twice about getting yourself banned.


Why not? It's a very polite solution to get the attention of a noble to what he's doing wrong, without actually 'ruining the fun' for him. A log is just very handy, what's more to say?


How to program it might be a tick harder. The first suggestion is normally quite easy, just another option for the judge, copy the code of a 'Fine' and then change the text... The second is somewhat harder, but not much harder to program than the player's history on his family page on BM.