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  • Played a character of the same name.
(RP) King Carriantor ruled Abington in Atamara for a long, long time. He was beloved by nearly all his subjects, victorious in many wars, always willing to help any Noble who needed him. One day the great King simply disappeared. There was no note or talk of his intention to depart, no sign of violence, and no corpse. It is assumed by some Priests that he was transmitted, body and soul, to some heavenly state that needed his Noble attention. May he rest in peace. ~ Recluse
Does anyone know what, if anything, happened to Carriantor's player? AlexTurner 01:03, 4 August 2006 (CEST)
Sorry, he disappeared as mysteriously as his character. As I recall he just closed his account one day. ~ Recluse