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I am a 30-something Canadian male currently residing in-country and undertaking a post-secondary degree.

I characterize myself as a non-traditional gamer, and am interested in online gaming, board gaming, RPGs, LARPs, and several other gaming archetypes. I also scuba dive when possible.

My cultural background is American-South African, with thick streams of Cossack and border clan Scot as a basis.

OOC Background

Given the focus on Serious Medieval Atmosphere, it occurred to me early on in this game that there was little mention of either the Hun invasion or the Mongol invasions of Europe during the middle ages, both of which were formative events in the creation of several city-states and nations. So I thought to introduce a limited amount of the Asian opportunities to the game that would have a legitimate claim to contact with the era of Europe that Battlemaster is based on.

Thus I decided to put together a family of Mongol-derived names. For those curious on this, here are several links I used to put together the names used:

Mongolian Naming Conventions - Wikipedia

Mongolian Naming Customs

Medieval Period Mongolian Names

Modern events (which are interesting reads...)

You might be related to a certain Khan...

...but you may not want to change your name.

IC Background

To come. Likely based in northwest Dwilight, since there's a lot of open pastureland seemingly in the area.

Current Clan Members

Muunegan (Darka - Atamara): Lord of Xutltec in the Atamaran realm of Darka (and occasionally other roles).

Qadan (Various - Dwilight): Knight and occasional bureaucrat in Dwilight.

Gurban (Ohnar West - Far East): Adventurer and often-jailed in the Far East realm of West Ohnar.


For those fiddly treaty negotiations and the like.

Open Invite

I would love to put together a small, extended clan of families in a Mongolian theme. if you're interested, contact me in game and we can discuss a shared history and support (since I seem to have some funds usually to go towards RP purposes).

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