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Need to find a template, but don't want to search all over to find it? Templates considered useful to the community will be listed here, in various categories, accessible from the Community Portal.

Official Wiki Templates

Flavour Templates


  • Template:Usr - Allows you to link to another's userpage more easily.
  • Template:Click - Allows you to superimpose a link over an image.
  • Template:PreviewButton - Visual reminder useful to remind those who won't use show preview after asked nicely.
  • Template:Userdata - Allows you to provide your real name, home country, and your family name (with links to the IG family page and the wiki family page) on your userpage.


Building a newspaper and don't want to make your own template(s)? Here are some popular ones to choose from.

Indirik, can you compile this list?

Realm, Religion, and Guild Lists

Tired of clicking edit continent to get the link to edit the templates for realms, guilds, and religions? Here we provide the links to you without having to edit a page first.

East Island




Far East