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This is an archived issue of The TattleMaster.
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Clarification of ExileJune 3, 2008
Tom posted a clarification regarding the effects of the ruler's exile option. Or, actually, it's lack of certain effects that people were assuming it had.

Since it just came up:

It is NOT a bug that someone who got exiled keeps all his positions.

It is absolutely intended that if you exile a lord or duke, he can simply take his toys (aka regions) and go play in another sandbox (aka

realm). That's the whole POINT of exile - it's a power struggle.

If you've got a problem with that you still haven't grasped the hierarchy concept of BattleMaster and think too much in absolute monarchy type of government systems. In BM (and the real middle ages) the power of kings often consists of CONVINCING the lords and dukes to follow him, and using power means losing power.


-- Indirik
Many Bugs FixedMay 30, 2008
Tom has been busy lately fixing a smattering of important bugs. These include the failure of banned nobles to actually be removed from the realm and bugs in the new caravan system. See the ticker to the right for details.
-- Indirik
Multiple Characters Per account on Dwilight? "Over my dead body"May 9, 2008
During a discussion earlier this week on the Discussion List, someone asked if it would be possible to remove the "one character per account" restriction for Dwilight.

Over my dead body.

Aside from some very good players, almost every island that allows more than one character from the same family has trouble with them. I dare to say that 90% of the cases fall in one of only three categories:
*attempts to "boost up" your favorite realm by having two characters in it
* attempts to expand your own personal influence, by having two characters in the same realm (and double votes)
* attempts at cheating by having characters on both sides of the war

As I said, there are many exceptions, but it's just too obvious that almost every cheater that I've ever locked had this pattern of having two characters in the same realm. Coincidence?

Quite frankly, the trend will be much more towards setting the limit at 1

for all islands.


-- Indirik
Allegiance BugMay 8, 2008
The recent loss of allegiance and council positions that affected nearly every realm on every island was, as most know, the result of a bug in, or unintended consequence of, the code that was to standardize the allegiance of all nobles. The intention was to make sure that all nobles were aligned in one way or another to a region. This includes all rulers, council members, imperial knights, etc. Unfortunately, in the process of the conversion, the nobles were removed from their realms, resulting in their council positions being vacated. perhaps one of the biggest effects of it was that all the bonds held by those nobles disappeared. They did not revert to the realms, but simply vanished.

Tom attempted to perform a rollback of the game to a 24 hour old backup, but was unsuccessful. Tom stated in the newsticker: "Sorry for the bug that messed with many non-region nobles. The bug is fixed now and should not happen again. If there are any really serious repercussions, such as "my realm is going to die", mail me. Any minor problems like a lost unit, prestige, etc. will not be manually changed, as they affected everyone, so the playing field is still level." So, if your realm is in danger of being destroyed because of the bug, make sure you let Tom know about it.
-- Indirik
Tom is busy, busy, busy!April 16, 2008
You may have wondered why there was not much happening around here lately. The reason is that there have not been a lot of major changes to report. Tom posted on the Discussion List that he has almost no time to do much in the way of new features or changes to the game: "At this time, absolutely no idea that requires more than two lines of code will even be considered." We hope he is hard at work on War 2.0. In the meantime, some of the election bugs have been fixed. Check the news ticker on the right for some links to the bugtracker.
-- Indirik
New War IslandApril 1, 2008
Tom posted the following message to the Discussion List a few hours ago:

When I closed down the war islands, there was some protest. From two factions, actually. One, from the strategy players who enjoyed a pure war environment, and from the roleplayers who feared the strategy players would now flood the rest of the game.

So, I've taken some time and re-worked the concept. Remember that my reason was that the war islands never worked the way I intended them to.

Opening later today, there will be a new war island ("South Island"). The map is slightly expanded, but mostly the same. There are now five small

realms initially. Some other features have been changed:

* "War only" as you're used to, all non-war features are disabled, more complete this time
* Looting has been much improved, to make it a viable strategy

The most important change, however, is that I've decided to finally listen to those who want a much more "active" and speedy game. On the new war island, turns will run EVERY TWO HOURS. That's 12 turns in a day, 6 half and 6 full. This will provide our strategy friends with an entirely new challenge, because you really can't expect everyone to be active all the time with that schedule. You will have to plan with inactivity, something that I hope will then migrate to the rest of the game. Day- and Night-Armies are just one of the ideas that hit me.

One disadvantage to the whole thing, however. Since the rapid turns would, in theory, allow people to leech gold off the islands very quickly, the war island is a one-way road:

* You can't leave once you're there (no emmigration)
* To prevent overcrowing, everyone is mortal on war island (same as for heroes elsewhere)
* No family gold sending

I have a few final touches to finish, such as uploading the new map and resetting the database, and then later today you'll read a second announcement when it opens.


As just about everyone has guessed, this is almost certainly Tom's April Fool's joke. A lot of people were very enthusiastic about it, though...
-- Indirik

July 3, 2008
Bug 4272 Region lords are now able to offer oaths to nobles that only have the default 0% oaths.

June 18, 2008
Bug 4325 Nobles aligned to a region taken over by the enemy are made rogue.

May 30, 2008
Bug 4178 Problems in the new caravan system fixed.

May 30, 2008
Bug 4279, Bug 4288 - Two bug fixes involving failure of banned nobles to be removed from the realm, and unable to declare themselves rogue.

April 16, 2008
Bug 4186, Bug 4207, Bug 4210, Bug 4221 - Several bugs involving election and appointment of realm council members, pretty much all on Dwilight, have been fixed.

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