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Legion of the Wolf


We are the King's Army, our duty is to protect the realm. Our job is to defend the people of Thalmarkin.

About the Wolves

The Legion of the Wolf comprises the main fighting force for the Royal Army. The original army of Thalmarkin, the Wolves have a long and rich history of battlefield dominance including wars among various Northern states and in the face of two Daimon invasions that threatened to engulf the entire continent. Indeed it was a Wolf, Pyrix Questor, who struck down the Mighty Overlord, freeing the people of Beluaterra from his evil grasp. The Legion is the King's army and is tasked with the protection of the kingdom and her ruler. As such, the Marshal of the Legion answers directly to the king, although for the most part this authority is generally to the General of Thalmarkin.

The Wolves act as a pack, striking fast and together is their strength. Renowned for their terrifying infantry charges, the Legion strikes ruthlessly and without fear. The Legion, or the pack as it's members are fond to call it, are a tight group of troop leaders who through courage and comradere crush their foes beneath their paws.

The army is currently sponsored by Fingolfin Nodolrin, King of Kings, King of Thalmarkin, and is commanded by Jonn Kingsley, Count of Kannoktet and Jack Carnes, Margrave of Lastfell.

Structure and Hierarchy

The Legion follows a rigged command structure.

The King

The King of Thalmarkin is the head of the Legion of the Wolf. His word is the Wolves' command. The marshal of the army answers directly to him, however most of the time this power is deferred to the General of Thalmarkin.


The marshal(l) (commonly referred to in the field as Commander or affectionately as the Alpha) is the highest military rank within the Legion of the Wolf. He also serves as the army's leader. He or She leads all troops into battle and is responsible for the day-to-day actions of the army as well as issuing orders to the army and planning the armies movements within the War Council of Thalmarkin. He answers directly to the King.


The vice-marshal (also referred to as Commander)is the second highest military rank in the Legion. He answers directly to the marshal of the army, and to the General of the realm. He is authorized as well as the marshal in the issuing of the General's orders during wartime. In the event that the marshal is wounded or absent, he takes full command of the army

Troop Leader

Individual troop leaders of the army are under the command of the Marshal and Vice-Marshal. These are the nobles responsible for the recruitment, upkeep, and command of their troops. Referred to within the army as Wolves, the troop leaders of the Legion share a close bond of respect and comeraderie.


Captains of individual units take care of the day-to-day operations of each unit. Captain is the highest commoner rank within the Legion. Captains often possess strong leadership skills or ties to a minor or influencial noble family. Many Troop Leaders work closely with their captains to ensure that their unit fights at maximum efficiency.


The common soldier of Thalmarkin. The Legion provides an outlet for many peasants or slaves to become Wolves and win glory in battle, to pay debts or earn freedom. Anyone is welcome to join the Legion, but it is a long and dangerous road. During wartime, many soldiers do not survive. During times of crisis, recruits are conscripted by local lords.

Roster and Battle Groups

  • The Wolf's Fang:
    • Marshal: Jonn Kingsley, Count of Kannoktet
      • Fingolfin Noldorin, King of Kings, King of Thalmarkin
      • Blackie Questor, Knight of Wailing Wood
      • Pyrix Questor, Duke of Vore, Margrave of Vore
  • The Wolf's Claw
    • Vice-Marshal: Jack Carnes, Chancellor of Thalmarkin, Margrave of Lastfell
      • Agnes the Man Stomper Nifeleisca, General of Thalmarkin, Countess of Orde
      • Do'Urden Sharpspeare, Count of Wailing Wood
      • Enzo Solari, Baron of Ukh, Priest of the Order of the Golden Feather
      • Laura Voogt, Countess of Rafferty
      • Lodu Eirikr, Dame of Unger
      • Luna Angelo, Countess of Marpii
      • Stegman Hemmings, Count of Crim
      • Syl Marlboro, Dame of Unger
      • Yusklin Melphrydd, Baron of Jedinchel