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Region Details
Region Type
Geographic Area

This is the "official" region infobox. It is intended to be used on the official region page for a region. It should not be used on any other page, including realm subpages and user pages.

This infobox uses semantic codes and fetches its data from the game itself, so it is guaranteed to always show correct values.

The infobox should be added as shown below:

{{Infobox RegionData|(world-id)|(region-id)}}
Template-info.svg Semantic Coded Template
This template contains semantic coding. Do not use this template for anything other than its intended purpose.


  • The template also puts the region into the appropriate categories (especially under Category:Regions), so please do not add your own categories to pages that include this category. Especially not categories pertaining to any data that is used in this template, such as realm.