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Welcome to the Noble House of Arylon.
The sound of freedom is something you never hear until it is gone.

The House of Arylon or Arylon Family is a noble house of somewhat recent birthright, hailing originally from the remote regions of Cagilan Empire. All those who identify with the Arylon Clan can trace their roots back to a common ancestor, Avalair Arylon who is considered the patriarch of the family. The name itself originates from the ancient hereditary title Aryl, which in an ancient Atamaran language means "Lord". There are over 30 members of the most recent generation of the family alive in the world today, though the four sons of Mannix Arylon have the most influence and importance.

Origins of the House of Arylon

The House of Arylon was originally a common family hailing from the Calis region in what is today the Cagilan Empire. In Ancient times, members of this family were mostly craftsmen, specifically blacksmiths who specialized in creating deadly weapons for use by primitive warlords in their campaigns on the continent of Atamara.

Lordship was bestowed upon the Arylon family roughly 70 years ago, when Avalair wed the daughter of the Count of Calis, Julienn Stanford, thus cementing the future nobility of his family. Upon the death of Julienn's father, Avalair assumed control of Calis and took a second name, Arylon, which is a modified version of the hereditary title Aryl, which in an ancient Atamaran language means "Lord". It was a title given to the tribal warlords that used to roam Calis in the chaos that existed before the nations of Atamara formed.


Prior to Avalair's ascension to Lordship, members of the family went only by one name, and mostly resided in primitive towns in the rural areas surrounding Calis - serving as the local blacksmith, and sometimes carpenter. Excellent craftsmen, ancient warlords often chose these men to produce the weapons used in their campaigns across the Atamaran continent.


The nobility of House Arylon can be traced as far back as the great Avalair, roughly 85 years ago. Historical documents show that Avalair was born of two common parents, and had no birthright. As a boy, Avalair began to hear stories of an ancient and powerful secret society - devoted to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge for all classes, noble and common alike. Whispers among the wind danced in his mind, stories of world-class blade masters, charismatic diplomats, brilliant academics, and wealthy traders all coming together and sharing their knowledge, and without regard to class. As he grew older he learned that this underground organization of men did in fact exist, and it was called the Black Tower.

A late night encounter that saw Avalair coming to the aid of a man wearing a dark coat would prove to be the turning point in Avalair's life. The stranger was a man named Soran, and he was a member of the Black Tower. To thank him for defending him against his attacker, Soran agreed to sponsor Avalair's membership in the order later that year, provided he could complete a set of 5 tasks by the beginning of winter. After much toil and work, Avalair completed the man's tasks, and Soran agreed to take him to the Tower to be initiated in the order of the Black Tower.

As the organization is secret and does not release information that would even confirm its existence, the entire account of what he learned while he was there is to this day unknown. What is known is that he emerged from two years of time at the tower, and when he came out, he wore the same black uniform that Soran had, complete with the two silver pins on his collar - one denoting his mastery of the blade, and one signifying his accepted status within the order. He also carried with him a new sword, which it is said its design and making was his final step before being fully accepted as a member - this suggests there is something unique about the technique used to make it.

Immediately upon returning to Calis, it was announced that he would wed the noble daughter of the Count of Calis, Julienn Stanford. It has been speculated that Julienn's father, Jevon Stanford, Count of Calis was a member of the Black Tower, and was impressed with young Avalair - so much so that he promised his daughter to him.

Upon Marrying Julienn, Avalair become a noble of the fledgling Cagilan Empire. Upon the death of Julienn's father, Avalair assumed control of Calis and took a second name, Arylon, a modified version of the hereditary title Aryl, which in an ancient Atamaran language means "Lord". It was a title given to the tribal warlords that used to roam Calis in the chaos that existed before the nations of Atamara formed.

Expansion of the Family

The family's fame and accomplishments really began to gain some notaritiy with the advancement of Mannix Arylon. Mannix is the grandson of Avalair, and the first son of Alexis Arylon. Mannix began his life in Ravening where his father was a minor noble. His father, Alexis, forged himself a strong reputation and was granted lordship over the region of Nardil just after Mannix's seventh birthday. He moved the family immediately to Nardil and began great civil works projects to improve his land. One notable project was the creation of the Nardil Academy, a place where his sons and grandsons would later study.

Growing up, Mannix fell in love with a common girl in Nardil and against his fathers wishes, married her when he turned 20 years old. Disowned by his father, stripped of his inheritance and titles, Mannix moved to the outskirts of Nardil with his wife, where they would begin their family - his first son Jaden Arylon would be born later that year.

He began planning ways to rebuild his influence - clearly, his father would never allow him to rise the ranks of the nobility in Cagilan Empire as long as he was alive. He spent a great deal of time studying military history, tactics, strategy and the rule of law. Despite his self-education, the situation seemed dire for nearly 10 years, until word came to Mannix of the discovery of a new continent, which was being colonized by nobles all over the world. It was then that he began making plans to go to the colonies, and begin anew in a new land.

Mannix set out in the spring, taking with him his two eldest sons, Jaden and Nexis, and leaving behind his seven year old twins Taran and Fisc to study at the Nardil Academy - Alexis did not hold the same ill will about his grandsons as he did for his own son, and so he allowed their education. Mannix planned to return to Nardil when the boys were teenagers, and bring them to an expansive territory taken over by him.

Since both Taran and Fisc were too young to take part in their father's expedition, they remained in Nardil to continue their education, while their brothers Jaden and Nexis went with Mannix. This separation effected Fisc a great deal more than Taran, causing him to lose interest in his studies, and retreat away from friends, classes, and sports. He began to grow bitter at his father's absence, acting out and continually getting himself suspended from the Academy. He seemed to be on track to burn out early, despite Taran's efforts to include him and temper his behavior.

All of that changed when the twins received word from their father stating that he was now in the south-west island, fighting for the nation of Toren. He was informed of the death of his mother and brothers, and his own indentured servitude to the noble in Toren.

Enraged, Fisc immediately left Cagilian Empire and set off for the south-east island. So consumed with anger and vengeance aimed at his father for causing his family to be destroyed, he vowed to go to Toren and find Mannix. He arrived in Toren Stronghold shortly thereafter and began to investigate his father's whereabouts. The trail got hot nearly a month later, when he got word from a local trader that Mannix was seen in Lesthem, on the front lines in Toren's struggle against the nation of Taselek. Fisc immediately set after him.

The Torch is Passed

Fisc tracked Mannix to the region of Lesthem, where a great battle was about to be fought between the forces of Toren and the nation of Taselak. He found the armies of Toren camped on the field the night before the battle and stealthily observed the troop movements, looking anxiously for his father.

Hate burned in his mind for Mannix - Fisc blamed him for the death of his mother and two older brothers, Jaden and Nexis. It was Mannix's own irrational need for power, land and title that had lead him to the colonies, and caused his family to go with him. Fisc had always believed that his mother never really wanted to go, and that it was only her love for Mannix that convinced her to follow him to the new world.

Deep into the night, Fisc approached the tent he had identified as Mannix's. Quietly he slipped by the night watch guards and opened the canvas of the tent, dagger in hand. Fisc decided to risk it and dove for his father, only to be repelled, disarmed and thrown across the room - knocking the wind out of him as he hit the ground.

Enraged, Fisc tore into Mannix, blaming him for everything that had happened to his family. He had been waiting for this moment for quite some time, and was not going to simply let his father get away with what he had done.

Fisc was shocked at his father's response. For over an hour, Mannix told his son the true story of his life in the colonies. It was actually Genesis who had asked Mannix to go to the colonies - he believed he could restore his name by staying in the Cagilan Empire, and eventually reconciling with his father Alexis. She did not agree, and threatened to leave him unless he was able to restore his family name, carve out an estate for himself, and bring honor to the name Mannix Arylon once again.

He continued, telling Fisc how he had forced his wife and sons to stay behind in Giblot while he was out on the frontier expanding his territory - so as to protect them from harm. Mannix explained that their deaths were the result of a great coalition of honorless nobles, and that the only reason his family was threatened at all was because the coalition was able to get to his Manor in Giblot before he could get his family out to sea.

He also made it clear to Fisc that in one year, he was to be released from his servitude to the Toren lord who had bought his freedom, and that he planned to return to Giblot and exact his revenge for the death of his family.

Fisc was stunned - it was apparent now that he had completely misjudged his father. A sneaking admiration crept into his heart, washing away the raging hate he had felt only hours before. The next day, the reunited father and son marched on Lesthem - little did they know the tragedy that would befall them there.

The forces of Taselak were more extensive than originally thought, and Toren's General was killed at the outset of the fighting. In disarray, confused and outnumbered, Toren's armies were quickly cut through. Mannix and Fisc were holding the third hill to the west of the fighting, but as Taselak advanced they were surrounded.

Faced with capture, Mannix threw down his sword and ordered Fisc to do the same. This was supposed to be honorable combat, so the forces of Taselak would take them prisoner, and they would be able to buy their way out in the future - living to fight another day. As a unit captain approached him, Mannix called out his name, rank and informed him of his surrender.

The captain, a bloodthirsty maniac named Rahvin said nothing, approached Mannix, withdrew his sword and sliced his head off in one foul swoop. Rahvin laughed, mounted his horse and ordered his men to leave Fisc where he was.

Fisc was unable to contain his anger. He bent down and withdrew Mannix's sword from the ground, rose to the first riderless horse he could find, and charged after Rahvin and his men with bloodlust in his eyes. It wasn't long until he was on the heels of Rahvin, who by this time had realized he was being pursued, and had set himself for a fight.

As Fisc rode for him, Rahvin dismounted and waited. Fisc approached, and Rahvin dove on the ground, rolling and slicing the legs of the horse, throwing Fisc from it. He quickly recovered and wildly hacked at Rahvin, desperately trying to score a killing blow. The experienced captain easily blocked his attempts. Finally, as Fisc raised his sword and left himself open, Rahvin drew a dagger and stabbed Fisc in the thigh, then he kicked him over to the ground.

From that time on, Fisc and his brothers (and cousins) have taken up the mantle of House Arylon, attempting to craft their own legacy.

The Current Standard Bearers

Jaden - Son of Mannix

Template:Main Jaden Arylon is the eldest of the four living sons of Mannix, and currently claims the standard of House Arylon. His brother, Fisc Arylon also claims the family's standard, not knowing that his brother Jaden is still alive. In his life, he has been many things, a knight, a trader, a hero, and now a lord. He has also spent time on three different continents, finally settling down in the realm of Fronen, in the region of Iaera.

Nexis - Son of Mannix

Template:Main Nexis Arylon is no longer of noble blood. He was born of Mannix Arylon in the region of Nardil in the Cagilan Empire on the continent of Atamara. He traveled with his father to the colonies, where he was eventually captured with his mother and brother Jaden. Jaden was able to escape, but Nexis remained and grew up under the care of Kaendall Istar, stripped of nobility. When he matured into adulthood, faced with no claim of nobility, Nexis set off for the continent of Beluaterra to attempt to earn his nobility back as an adventurer.

Fisc - Son of Mannix

Template:Main Fisc Arylon, also known as The Emerald Knight, is the older of the famous Arylon twins, born just minutes before his brother Taran. He is currently the Lord of Dakan, a region in the northeast of Toren. Additionally, Fisc is also a long-serving Fiduciary, as well as the Marshal of the Phoenix Guard. After his brother Taran's defection from their ancestral home of the Cagilian Empire to Abington, the brothers relationship has been somewhat cool.

Taran - Son of Mannix

Template:Main Taran Arylon is the elder of the famous Arylon twins, born before his brother Fisc by only a few minutes. He is currently a high-ranking priest of the Aristoi Atamarism religion in the nation of Abington. He began his life in the Cagilan Empire but as his life evolved, he later left the Empire in favor of Abington. Since his defection, his relationship with his twin brother Fisc Arylon have been somewhat chilly, but still civil.

Roddick - Son of Caden

Template:Main Roddick is the son of Mannix's younger brother, Caven who had settled in the Far East in the nation of Soliferum. His mother had died in childbirth, and after his father was killed in battle when he was 10 years old, his uncle Mannix came to Soliferum and brought Roddick to live with him and his cousins. After Mannix was killed himself, Roddick wandered the world learning of its many lands, before settling back in Soliferum as a warrior.

Historical Heads of House Arylon

  • Avalair Arylon - Avalair was the first noble in the Arylon line.
  • Alexis Arylon - Alexis ascended to the head of the family when Avalair was poisoned, and though Alexis was implicated in the poisoning, his involvement was never proven and he was able to defend his ascension to the head of the house.
  • Mannix Arylon - Mannix Arylon assumed command of the Arylon family upon the exile of his father, Alexis Arylon. Alexis was banished from Atamara, and rather than share his father's fate, Mannix condemned Alexis and attacked his interests to curry favor with the Prime Minister of Cagilan Empire.
  • Jaden Arylon / Fisc Arylon - The standard of House Arylon is currently split, with the eldest brother Jaden assuming the mantle when he believed his father to be killed. Fisc did the same when Mannix was killed, as he was unaware of his older brothers Jaden and Nexis still being alive. At current, both sets of brothers are unaware of the existence of the other, and there are two legitimate claims to the head of the Arylon household.

Fame of House Arylon


The Arylon Family

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Prestige: 10
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Prestige: 20
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Family Wealth: 2000

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New Religion
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Book Publication
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Total: 16/51 points
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