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The Kingdom of Suville is one of the younger realms of Atamara. It is geographically located at the southernmost tip of the continent, covering the southern and eastern coastlines of the Abington peninsula. The the most prominent city in Suville is the island city of Suville, also known as the Jewel of the South, which is located in the heart of Allenian River Delta.

Suville is one of the successor kingdoms to the great Kingdom of Abington. In the dying days of Abington when it became clear that the political struggle was lost, and that without radical realignment the powerful eastern kingdoms would overwhelm the south and impose their hegemony across the entire continent, the city of Suville broke away in an attempt to distance itself from Abington and forge a new path forward. It was the first to do so, and lead the way for what would become the salvation of the southern alliance.

The Kingdom of Suville was founded by Callisto Maximoff on November 10th (2007) when she seceded the Duchy of Suville from the Abington Republic. Duke Martok of Narville soon joined the newly created realm of Suville by switching the allegiance of his duchy, and several other regions formerly aligned with Abington joined as well, including Webgard and Glassinn.

Queen Callisto appointed Aeryn Arete (the former Countess of Washford) as the new Duchess of Suville and Taran Arylon (a former Priest of Aristoi Atamarism) as the High Marshal of Suville. The nobles of Suville elected Aeryn as the Arch-Priest, and Faciam served a short while as Royal Treasure before resigning the position back into the hands of Callisto. The new government remained in this state more-or-less unchanged for next the few months, and during that time the Kingdom of Suville kept mostly to itself.

The government of Suville is a standard Monarchy. In addition to the Queen, High Marshal, Arch-Priestess, Treasurer, Dukes/Duchesses, Marshals and Barons/Baronesses, Suville also has a number of advisory councils. Membership to the council is by appointment of the ruler only, and is generally limited to landed nobles, council members and other influential members of the community.

Royal Court

The Royal Court consists of the council members, dukes, and other nobles of the ruler's choice. It's purpose is to provide advice to the ruler on matters of state, both foreign and domestic. It is purely an advisory body and does not possess any legislative, judicial or executive powers.

Military Council

The Military Council consists of the ruler, general, judge, dukes, and marshals. It's purpose is to provide advice to the general on the military affairs of the realm, including strategy and tactics. It is purely an advisory body and does not possess any legislative, judicial or executive powers.

Suville has a long history of peaceful coexistence with its neighbors. With a few rare exceptions, the Kingdom has kept to itself, content to let the rest of the powerful elite of the continent destroy each other. Because of this, most realms are on friendly terms with Suville. However, it should be noted that when its security is threatened, it has been known to pre-emptively declare war and deal with the threat appropriately - such as the situation with the former Ash Sea Islands.

The current relations with the other nations are as follows:

Diplomatic Relations


Suville covers most of what used to be Abington in the great peninsula of the south-east. Its proximity to the sea, and the narrow straights which connect its regions to the rest of the continent provide for a highly defensible position, which the kingdom has taken advantage of more than once.

Its neighbor to the northeast is Caergoth, who occupies the rest of the former Abingtonian holdings, as well as the former realm of Ash Sea Islands. To the northwest is Carelia, the kingdom with which Suville tends to have the most direct friction.

Current Regions

The official religion of Suville is The_Way_of_the_Hammer and Aristoi Atamarism. Nobles are free to practice whatever religion they choose to believe in; however, it is illegal to found a new religion in Suville, and only the priests/temples/shrines of Aristoi Ataramism or The Way of the Hammer are permitted to operate within Suville's borders.

Suville, the southern land of spice, prosperity and riches. Suville is a thriving realm, home to the largest manufacturing and trade metropolis in Atamara. Thanks to The Great Allenia River, Suville has grown to be a land with rich soil, stalwart defensive capabilities and a strong trade fostered diverse culture. Those from Suville are known for their stoic nature. We are a people who are not easily impressed and know that actions speak more than words. Our respect is earned - our honor endures.

Writ of Law

The following are considered to be punishable offenses within the Kingdom of Suville:

Crime Description
Disobedience Refusing or failing to obey the orders of one of your commanding officers. In cases when multiple orders are given and are in conflict with one another, obedience is to be given to the orders delivered by the noble who commands the highest position of authority within the chain of command.
Conduct Unbecoming In addition to vulgar behaviour such as cursing, violations of this law include harassing, threatening or ridiculing foreign nobles, even those who swear fealty to realms that we are at war with. Nobles are nobles (until a Royal says otherwise) and therefore deserve to be treated with respect.
Insubordination Harassing, threatening or ridiculing a noble who commands a higher position of authority within the chain of command than you do. Criticizm against your superiors is not considered insubordination so long as it remains productive and respectful. Also, formal complaints against your superiors can be made via the protest option without being considered insubordination.
Impersonation of Command The issuance of orders beyond the jurisdiction defined by your position(s) of authority. For example, a noble not designated as a member of the military council does not have the authority to issue orders affecting the military affairs of the realm.
Looting (without permission) Ordering your troops to burn, rap, steal, enslave or otherwise abuse the peasants of any region is considered illegal. The only exception is if you are ordered to do so by the appropriate authority.
Conspiracy / Treason Being a member of the underground and/or encouraging other nobles to join the underground is considered conspiracy. Starting or joining a rebellion and/or swearing an Oath of Fealty to a realm that we are at war with is considered treason.

Treaties and Agreements

Suville - Caergoth Prisoner Agreement (2015)

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