Splendid Longsword

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Grawldar
Discovery Date 2017-11-15
Discovery Location Pirht, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Grawldar

Second Discovery

Type Weapon
Discovered By Hogni
Discovery Date 2019-02-15
Discovery Location Hilly Holes, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +9
+6% Leadership
Current Owner Hogni

During Hogni's investigations in Hilly Holes, he found himself unbelievably lucky, or maybe fate had something in store for him. He had found the Splendid Longsword, a unique and legendary half-buried in stone. When he pulled it out, it sung with a splendid sound that resonated across the hilly and cavernous countryside. Then Hogni felt a voice brush against his mind, whispering of greatness in battle that would inspire others to follow and an uplifting filled his spirit.