South-West Island/Cirannor

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Region Details
Continent South-West Island
Region Type Badlands
Geographic Area
Population 0
Realm Sandalak

SandalakIcon.GIF Region of Cirannor

This region belonged to Taselak for a long time. But the time came Sandalak took control. After Taselak was whiped off the map, Theodorus Equar dicided to join Sandalak and soon after was appointed Baron of the region.

SandalakIcon.GIF Surrounding Areas

Belus region of Sandalak (SWI)

Moeth region of Sandalak (SWI)

Eraus region of Sandalak (SWI)

Kheif region of Sandalak (SWI)

Umkinnu region of Sandalak (SWI)

SandalakIcon.GIF Troopleaders of the region of Cirannor

Theodorus Equar, Baron of Cirannor

Old troopleaders from the region of Cirannor

SandalakIcon.GIF Troops recruitable from this region

Honor Cavarly Cavalry 65 25 / 40

Cirannor's Honor Infantry 60 35 / 50

SandalakIcon.GIF Paraphernalia recruitable in this region

Not that I know.