Long-lost Pearl

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Type Accessory
Discovered By Mortimer
Discovery Date 2017-11-10
Discovery Location Volkanita, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Mortimer

A large pearl the size of a grown man's head. Its unusual color of clotting blood indicates it came from no ordinary oyster, but rather the mystical Giant Volkanitan Carnivorous Clam. It is said the Giant Volkanitan Carnivorous Clam produces pearls only when seeded with the skull of mighty adventurer. Legends claim it was wrested from the depths of the Giant Volkanitan Carnivorous Clam (along with the remains of several adventurers who were unsuccessful in their attempts to claim the pearl for themselves) by the legendary warrior D'oh'lf Lund-groan the Pun-ster. A giant of a man known for his massive thews and correspondingly miniscule wit, if anyone was both strong and stupid enough to attempt retrieving a pearl it would have been Sir D'oh'lf.