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Fame theories by Lemon Tree

When I noticed how much was unknown about fame, and how much speculation there was about it, I was fascinated. I tried on checking my own fame, but there was so much contradiction about it that made it impossible for me to check where my fame points came from. So I decided to make an end to all this guessing and speculating. It took a long time, I checked a lot of families, and discussed a lot on IRC. After all this time, I came to 30 fame points I am sure of. There are still 6 more I don't know, even though I already have some ideas. As soon as I am sure, I will add them here.

Next things coming up

I'm currently working on an investigation regarding bounties. As soon as I know more, I'll keep you informed.

Government positions

  • High Marshal: +1
  • Judge: +1
  • Banker: +1

Note: If you appoint yourself, you won't get fame. If your realm is too small, you won't get it either. I think the limit is 3 regions, but I need further check to be sure of it.


  • When elected: +1
  • After 10 days: +4
  • After 100 days: +1

So in total you can get 6 points by becoming ruler, if you stay ruler for long enough.

Regional commander

  • Commander of city or stronghold: +2

Fame for being count is one thing that still needs more research. I am absolutely sure you don't get it every time you are count, but you might get it under certain circumstances.

Family Wealth and Investment

  • Investing gold: +1
  • Having 2000 family wealth: +1
  • Having 5000 family wealth: +1

From 2000 gold the option becomes available to make a family invest. This will give you 1 fame point. Having 2000 and 5000 family wealth gives the other 2.

Note: You need to hold the 2000 and 5000 wealth for a turn before you get the fame points. This means that you shouldn't invest immediatly after pumping your wealth to 2000, but wait a turn to get the 2000 family wealth fame point first.

Getting executed

  • Execution: +1

When you are a rogue and you get inprisoned by a realm, they can execute you. Getting executed will give you 1 fame point. There is a rumour saying the executor would get a fame point too, but it's false.

Death of a hero

  • Heroic death: +1-3

This is the only thing I know very few about yet. When a hero dies, he will get 1 fame point for sure. It seems he can get up to 3 for a more famous hero, but I'm not yet sure know how to become famous.

Building a palace

  • Constructing a magnificent palace: +1

You can get this fame points in two different ways. 1. Change the capital of your realm (as ruler) 2. When in your capital, sometimes an option will pop up "construct a magnificent palace". This is a hidden and rare feature, and it will cost you quite some gold. Doing so will give a loyalty boost in your regions, but production of your capital will take a hit. In addition, you will get the fame point.

Note: You can only get this fame point once. If you already changed capital, you won't get any fame by doing the hidden feature. And the other way around, of course.


  • Writing a book: +1

When a mentor's student decides to end his lessons, he has to evaluate the mentor. Depending on how well you have done, you get more mentor points. If you were an excellent mentor, you get 11 mentor points. By using 10 of your mentor points, you can write a book. This will give you prestige, and it might give you fame. It doesn't neccesary do from the first time, you might have to write several books to receive the fame.


  • Winning a tournament: +3
  • Hosting a succesful tournament: +1

Winning sounds easy, just make sure you win one :) Host a tournament as a ruler, and it will give you a fame point if you have at least 10 participants. It might also give you prestige.


  • Combined prestige (a sum of all your characters):
    • 20 combined: +1
    • 50 combined: +1
    • 100 combined: +1
  • Individual prestige (prestige on one of your characters):
    • 10 individual: +1
    • 20 individual: +1
    • 50 individual: +1

And last, but not least, the long expected prestige fame points. I've seen so much different theories about it on the wiki that I wanted to track it down, no matter what.It required the most research of all fame stuff, since no one really seemed to know more than a few rumours. After studying dozens and dozens of family histories, I am absolutely sure the above is correct. The combined is the sum of all your characters. Individual is what one of your characters has got, and you get it as soon as one got it. So if one of your characters got 50 prestige, you will get the point, no matter if your other characters just have 1 prestige or 49 prestige.

Note: You won't lose fame again. So if you lose prestige for some reason, and get under the limit for getting the prestige fame again, you won't lose your fame. Of course, when you reach the limit again, you won't get it again.

The mystery revealed

So, this were my fame points. It applies for 30 points, so there still are 6 missing. I already have some ideas, and will post them when I'm sure of them.

All of the above took hours and hours of my time. I didn't go off on people saying it, not even on 10 people saying it. As far as possible, I checked it myself. For other things, I checked lots of family histories. Tom didn't confirm any of the above, so there is a small chance they could be wrong. If you notice something to be wrong, don't hesitate to contact me.

Even though I already have quite some ideas for the 6 remaining points (a lot more than 6 ideas in fact :D), you are welcomed to tell me what you think is still missing. I will then check it out more, until I am sure of it.

I hope the mistery of fame is a little more clear now. I hope you can now finally check where all those famepoints you have came from, and what points you are still missing to get in that Top10. Feel free to pass me on your ID if you can't track down all your fame points with the above, including which points you did track down. This helps me to find the remaining 6 points.

What isn't fame

I've also been checking out famepoints that didn't turn out to be one. Here's a list:

Bounty: So far, I've tried with really high bounties for quite a time, but I didn't discover a fame point anywhere. Second at tournament: No fame for getting to the final of a tournament. Rebellion: No fame for leading a succesful rebellion either.

A word of thanks

I'd like to thank all of you who helped me by doing this investigation.

There are so many people that helped me by telling me their experiences and what they thought were fame points. There are so many other people that don't even know they helped, which family histories I used.

The list is too long to put all the names in here, but if you feel like you should be listed, please contact me.

A special word of thanks for Mr Jones though. He helped me with some fame points I could have never checked alone. The aid for those and the new ideas, hints and information about others is what made this page to what it is.

A list of names that aided me in various ways: Valglin Denning Raptor Nzer Wimpie Lorgan Dopido Xeth'ranis

I apologize for the whole list of other people that aid me and which I forgot here now, but let me know and I will add you to it.