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Attending the Airy

Roleplay from The Silent Ishida

Message sent to all allies in the region Balance's Retreat (3 recipients) The masked lady strode purposefully down the hallways of the Retreat's Administrative quarter. The many clerks that were passed bowed in deference but no heed was paid to them. Just as well, perhaps, for the Silent Ishida's masked and soulless countenance was unsettling to many.

She never seemed to leave her armour, many noted. The strange lady was still clad in the same steel mail and jet black cloak as she had on her last visit to the Retreat. Or perhaps it was a different suit, wrought to exacting specifications as the first one? It was difficult to tell. What the clerks knew was not to get in the way of some one whose very countenance was hidden from sight behind the lifelessly serene expression of a silvered mask. The Silent Ishida's glance had a tendency to make others deeply uncomfortable.

The lady arrived at the Overseer's offices, where a brief nod to the guard on duty was enough for him to open the door and be rid of her presence. She motioned for privacy, and the door was shut behind her.

The Silent Ishida waited in front of the Overseer's table as he finished up whatever paperwork her entry had interrupted. Overseer Bowie Ironsides was evidently expecting her arrival. It had not been expected that she would come alone, however.

A short, awkward pause followed as the eye holes on the mask, deep and black as the abyss, studied the Overseer... Then a harsh, raspy and distinctively disturbing voice -- one that called into mind the feverish rants of the sick and the dying -- emerged from behind the mask.

"Overseer Ironsides. A pleasure to meet you."

Roleplay from Bowie Ironsides

Bowie's eyes fixed on the Baroness. They were noticeably tired and strained, but, at this moment, they glimpsed surprise. After a slight hesitation he rose out of his chair and greeted her,

"Baroness Silent, the pleasure is all mine, believe me. Please follow me to the next room here. It is more comfortable an environ for a social visit. It is also stocked with alcohols. The few finer things for an established rogue like myself."

He walked through a curtained archway into a small airy. It was a court built high atop Castle Ironsides to overlook part of the stronghold and a mountain landscape behind. A hidden little escape attached to the Castle's administrative wing. On the court was situated a few lounge couches, a long shelf filled with alcohols (no surprise) and a few plants placed in the corners. It was designed for comfort and respite. The Demon of Dwiligt snapped his fingers to call the attention of a few handmaids in another room, who entered the airy from another curtained archway. They dressed like belly dancers to serve both purposes of pleasuring the eye and tending the bar.

"Have a seat, and let one of the girls know what you'd like to drink -" Bowie caught himself, "If you drink at all..."

Slowly, visibly aged, he took a seat. He exhaled when he finally landed in one of the couches. It was a single seat with a straight back, the better choice for his posture. He gestured for the Baroness to pick a couch.

Roleplay from The Silent Ishida

"Refreshments will not be necessary, Overseer... though the gesture is... appreciated."

The Silent Ishida inclined her head slightly, as if surveying the seating available. She picked another of the straight backed couches. The lady's posture was decidedly feminine, but nonetheless there was an unnatural stiffness to her actions. Two of the handmaids brought drinks anyway, something alcoholic for Bowie and... something hot, probably non-alcoholic, for the lady.

Another short silence followed, in which the silent lady's gaze remained fixed on Bowie. Or rather, the mask's gaze remained fixed on Bowie; one could not tell whether she was studying him, or gazing perhaps at some wall detail behind him, or whether she even had her eyes open to begin with.

Again the harsh, strained rasp issued from the mask.

"You have more questions for me than I have for you." A short pause. "You may ask if you wish, Overseer."

The lady appeared to study the steaming beverage in front of her, then carefully removed her right gauntlet. One of the handmaids who happened to be standing closer to the Ishida than to Bowie stifled a gasp as her face paled.

The silent lady's right hand and forearm was a charred ruin; charcoal black and brown in some places and a disturbingly raw shade of red in others. She flexed the hand, a little stiffly, and proceeded to grasp the cup without any consideration for the very fact that it was steaming.

The lady held the cup aloft, apparently engrossed in studying its fine make as she await Bowie's response.

Roleplay from The Silent Ishida

The curtains parted abruptly as one of the Overseer's aides burst into the private court. He bowed hastily.

"Apologies for the interruption milord Overseer, milady Baroness," he started, then caught sight of the Silent Ishida's exposed right hand.

The man's eyes widened and he paused for a moment before realising that the masked lady had inclined her head towards him expectantly. He bowed lower and averted his gaze.

"There's been a report of monsters in the Alley," he continued. "Since the Baroness of the Alley was here I thought it best to inform you in person."

The silent lady stood, carefully fastening the gauntlet back onto her right arm.

"Perhaps another time, Overseer," she rasped, eliciting another scarcely concealed look of grotesque from the aide.

Again the mask inclined in his direction and this time the aide coloured in embarrassment, but the silent lady said nothing and merely strode off without him.

Roleplay from Bowie Ironsides

Bowie received his drink from the handmaid only to stand up once again to bid farewell to the Baroness. After Lady Silent left Bowie looked around disappointed.

"Aw, this was the first chance I got to use this airy. Ladies, back to the kitchen with you! I'll summon you the next time we have a scheduled visit."

The women groan and mumble as they clean up the area. Bowie sits back down and sips his Ashrathe. Mmm, that's good Ashrathe.