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This page is part of the context-sensitive in-game help. If you want to contribute to it, please read the Writing Help Pages‎ page first, because the style for these help pages differs from the rest of the wiki.

Medals are tokens of appreciation that players can exchange among themselves. You can give medals to other people whenever you have received a certain number yourself. Giving medals away does not reduce the number of medals you have, it only reduces the number you can give.

If you can give medals - an option you will only get after you have received several medals yourself - there will be icons next to messages you receive indicating the kind of medals you can give. Click on the icon to give someone a medal.

If you give someone a medal, he will also get a message that he has received a medal, but he will not be told by whom. We prefer to keep it that way. Giving people a medal is all the gesture you need, you should keep quiet about it and not brag. Likewise, if you receive a medal, we consider it good form to just accept it quietly. Abstain from trying to find out who gave it to you, and don't post a public message saying "thanks".

Medals are out of character items, they are given to other players, not to other characters. Keep that in mind.

medal-green.gif Trust Medals
This is the most generic medal you can hand out. It is intended for anyone whom you trust to make the game a good game. This includes those people that play fairly and hold up the social contract, those who are honest and reliable, and those who simply show good behaviour and that you are happy to have around.
medal-blue.gif Roleplaying Medals
Give these to people who play their characters well and add flavour to the game by roleplaying well.
medal-red.gif Fun Medals
These are for people that are just plain fun to play with. People who show humour and make the game more enjoyable.