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7th May

Summer Evening - Taselak

Joselyn Hensley

The Fruit Fête

The day had dawned as bright and blue as you could dream of a May day being. Joselyn’s steward’s personal belief was that the weather wouldn’t have dared to spoil Her Majesty’s party. Matilda was quite fond of Queen Joselyn, she was a fair mistress and kind enough; but, she did not like to be crossed.

“What are the final reports, Matilda?  Are we ready to open?”

“Yes, your Majesty, all the stalls are up, games and vendors ready, agricultural displays arranged. There were a few minor issues locating the baby animal area,” Matilda risked a sideways glance at her mistress who had made this last minute addition, “but it’s been resolved and the animals are ready to be…touched.” Matilda was a city woman born and bred and couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to touch animal anything.

“The minor nobility and town functionaries are already beginning to gather. I expect the important nobles will come along more in the mid-day.”

Joselyn’s blue-eyes turned momentarily icy, “I hope there will be some of the upper nobility there. I have had little response to my invitation. Are you certain it would be in bad form to order them to attend?”

Matilda shrugged helplessly. They had had this discussion already.

“Ah well,” Joselyn smiled brightly, her eyes growing warm, “Let us away to the Fête; I am certain it will be grand.”

My Fruity Friends!

The Fruit Fête is officially open!

Come try your hand at a test of strength or skill! Taste a fruit pie! Drink mead and fruit wines! Have your fortune told!

And, most delightfully, come and cuddle baby animals whilst they take food from your hand!

Most importantly, enjoy a festive spring day and have fun!


Joselyn Hensley Shield of Taselak Royal of Taselak Duchess of Taselak

8th May

Summer Day - Taselak

Iris Ketchum

We need a song for the fruits.

Food glorious food,

So many types to be found.

One strawberry, one apple and one orange,

One mango, one pear and one pineapple.

Ashe Tempest

The Fruit Fête

Ashe often kept to herself, orphaned at a young age she didn't often enjoy large crowds except to steal from unsuspecting commoners.

However things were different now, being a Countess of a great realm perhaps it was time to come into the light. With the news of a grand festival being held by her Queen, Joselyn, it would be an excellent chance to get out and mingle with her fellow nobility and who knows perhaps scout new potential marks as well. Rich nobles probably wouldn't even miss a few coins after all.

The petite Ashe was making her way around the fair grounds, mostly sampling fruit. Standing only a little over 5 feet tall and still wearing her hood and cloak most did not even notice her presence. As result Ashe had not paid for any of the fresh fruit or pies she had sampled courtesy of unsuspecting or foolish nobles.

However it wouldn't be long before Ashe created an awkward situation for herself. Spying another supposed easy mark Ashe strode right up to them, bumped right into them and with a slight of hand made off with the strangers gold pouch.

"Sorry" Ashe would exclaim as she usually would to deflect what truly happened however this woman actually replied.

"Oh no worries Countess Tempest" the woman replied.

Somewhat perplexed Lady Tempest inquired,"Oh do I know you?"

"I am Matilda, our queens steward its a pleasure to meet you." the steward answers.

Well if Ashe wasn't already of pale complexion she would be as white as a ghost.

"Oh well my apologizes," Ashe blurted, "Please give my regards to our Queen and inform her I am enjoying the festival" and then the Lady quickly darted away, Matilda's gold punch still hidden under her cloak.

Sepia Snodaert

The finer points of the ruitfest were wasted on Sepia, she went to one of the far ends of the festical area where a straw dummy of the Beppo was crafted andcould be pelted with overripe fruit from a distance. Sepia started at 50 feet, took a small brown apple and hit the goat like figure square between the horns. 1o more feet, another throw that went over head and another one that she called on the nose.

People were gathering to take bets, as one of the young squires stepped up to the challenge. To call as many out of ten as possible at 75 feet.

Giddithous von Hammersmark

Giddithous strode with purpose through the fair-like atmosphere. Nearby, a games-keeper was aggressively inviting him to throw a ball through a ring.

"Six silver pieces to the winner! Wouldn't his lordship like a little extra, for the misses perhaps?"

The noble sir almost reacted in a manner most unfitting a fair. Instead he did a festive twirl before backhanding the gamesman back into the realm of proper manners.

"I have never seen this currency before in my life."

Resuming his purposeful stride, the faithful captain Ranulf at his side, he swiftly arrived at his reason for coming. A gaggle of confused onlookers ringed around a series of small enclosures. Some were starry eyed, but most looked befuddled that the attendant was trying to thrust small animals into their arms.

Bypassing the attendant and sweeping into one of the enclosures, Giddithous hovers over and crouches down besides a particularly small one. A small wolf, it glances up at the noble. The noble feels his heart skip. Though predisposed to enjoying bloody triumphs over his enemies, he has always felt strongly compelled by all things fuzzy. Feeling a sudden burst of inspiration he imagines a way he can combine these two passions.

Beckoning his captain over, Giddithous spirits the small animal into the folds of Ranulf's cloak and hurries off before anyone can say anything.

9th May

Summer Evening - Taselak

Joselyn Hensley

Strolling the Fête

Joselyn strolled through the festival with her attendants. She was delighted to see that it seemed to be going well; there were plenty of people about and she had recognized of few of the higher nobles from her court. Good.

She always dressed carefully, but for today she had expended her tirewomen’s best efforts: Joselyn’s gown was the finest linen, so white as to be almost blinding, and golden cords crossed her breasts and wrapped her waist. There were no sleeves, just a straight drop from her shoulders revealing the sculpted muscles of her arms; her golden olive skin gleaming more darkly against the fabric. White flowers twined her mahogany hair as it fell in twists down her back and across her shoulders. She was tall and strong and vibrant and carried herself like a goddess.

Her Majesty, Queen Joselyn I of Taselak was absolutely breathtaking. And, she knew it.

10th May

Summer Day - Taselak

Joselyn Hensley

Festival – Losing Gold

Matilda didn’t notice the absence of her coin purse until she reached for it to soothe a vendor’s ire at missing some pies. When, instead of the leather bag, she found cut ties, she cursed herself for acting like a country rube. She would never have carried a bag where someone could find it--much less cut it--in the City. She’d let herself be lulled by being here with these nobles in the Palace grounds.

Damn and blast! She figured up how much coin must still be in the pouch and winced. Matlida could make the household accounts balance by being very careful for the rest of the month, but it would be painful. And, she’d need to go back inside to retrieve some additional funds to keep things running smoothly, wasting time she didn’t have to waste.

She would also have a word with the guards to be more vigilant at the gate and in the grounds: somebody was lifting coin and pies. She did not want to consider Her Majesty’s wrath if someone spoilt her festival.

Festival – Bopping-the-Beppo

As Joselyn made her way towards the baby animal enclosures, she noticed Lady Sepia taking a turn at “Bop-the-Beppo”.

“Oh, this came out beautifully! Let us stop and admire Lady Sepia’s form. I believe that she has experience in fruit tossing. In fact…” she turned to one of the attendants, the young daughter of a minor Taselakian noble, “Lettice, go over there and place a bet for me on the Lady, please. 10 golds, I think. Just enough to make it interesting.”

They watched for some time as Lady Sepia and other knights took turns showing how the Beppos should be treated. Joselyn was tempted to try herself, but she really wanted to get to the cuddling. With a cheerful wave for all those waiting to play, she gathered up her ladies and carried on, making note for later of the Axe-Throwing area and a pie-eating contest starting in an hour.

17th May

Summer Day - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

Tonight we raise a glass of the finest astin whiskey for our valiant noble Gesseg. May he rest peacefully in Valhalla. May his troubles trouble him no more. May he live in ever lasting peace. God speed old friend...

18th May

Summer Day - Taselak

Ashe Tempest

Ashe wasn't sure about attending the formal party. The festival had proven quite fun but the ball would be something different. Lady Tempest didn't even own a dress, let alone know what would be proper for such a formal event. Resigned that she should at least attend as it was expected of the Baroness, Ashe would flip through what little clothes she had. Dark hooded tunic after dark hooded tunic was flung from the the ladies clothing chest when she finally arrived at a white tunic without a hood!

Lady Tempest thought to herself; Well I guess this will have to do, you know I am a lord now perhaps I should spend some money on new outfits. Maybe not dresses but I could expand my options.

Ashe complemented her outfit with some dark snug fitted pants and her usual cloth boots that were excellent for sleuthing around without making a sound; when the lady had another thought; And some proper boots as well, don't know how much sneaking I would be doing at a party.

With a dark grey cloak the Baroness finished her outfit and made for the party. However upon arriving Ashe would be denied entry by the guards at the gate. They didn't believe that the tiny women dressed somewhat like a cutthroat was nobility and well in the guards defense not only did the Baroness look the part but she still acted it often as well.

"Send word to our Queen, she will confirm who I am and determine if I am to be allowed entry, not some lowly guard." Ashe spoke firmly but quietly as making a scene that involved herself was not the Lady's style.

Pointing to her crimson red eyes while staring daggers at the man Lady Tempest continued, "You would do well to remember my eyes guard, for next time I won't be so forgiving over such a mistake."

Ashe would then wait to the side to see if the guards had indeed sent word to the Queen, or would the Baroness be sneaking in through a window for the fun of it.

Iris Ketchum

"Let celebrate! Festival of Fruits!" Iris announces freedom celebrations in Hartfort.

27th May

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

great job Noah!! You managed to kill the beppo high priest! Wine for you and your unit all day my good friend. Let it flow on me mighty Taselak nobles!!!

Sir Chon Stormreaver, Beppo Blessed High Priest of Ikalak, Royal of Ikalak has been killed by Wolves teeth (15).

28th May

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

Bren looks up as another runner comes into his tent.

"SIR!!! Another scribe note for you." Blurts out the runner.

Bren starts to crack his amused smirk

"The soldiers have been busy today I see. This is good news. The morale is high the men are looking for a fight! Let's give them one tomorrow!"

31st May

Summer Day - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

I know it's been a long campaign mighty nobles of Taselak. We must hold strong. Stay the course and we will be triumphment mighty nobles. I have the upmost faith and respect in ALL of you. I am very proud and pleased to say that I help lead such a fine army! Into the breach once more!!!!

If you need to refit send messages to everyone with status and how much gold you have. Me or the Marshall's will grant leave to hartford.