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3rd March

Summer Evening - Taselak

Gadge Buros

Gadge, the first noble of Seggelin, is traveling through the dense forest of Seggelin. His mind is wandering from him while thinking about the war. He had heard that they were charging into Lesthem to attack but he could go along. He needed to train troops and build a stronger army before he charged into battle, an he needed to travel to the capital. His mind snapped back into place right as he was crossing the boarder into Endelee, he was surprised by a rustling in the bushes.

“Who is it!” he cried into the forest.

There was no response for a few moments, until someone jumped out of the bushes jabbing at him with their knife. Gadge caught a glimpse of their face and immediately knew who it was...

“Reexamine! Stop! I’m Gadge Buros the first Nobel of Seggelin.”

“Ahh. I see.” She responds, “Why aren’t you going to lesthen!?”

“I have very few troops, and they are all extremely weak. I didn’t want to risk the life off my troops in war when they are not ready for it.”

“Then go. Go to the capital, recruit more troops, and train them. Once you do that bring them to Lesthen to fight.” She says fiercely.

“Yes ma’am!” Gadge says while walking away

He is ready for anything to happen on his journey into the unknown...

Réexamine Rainhorse

As Réexamine walks through she sees her troops picking berries and tells them to focus on the mission. When she finishes her sentence her troops start booming with battle cries. Then she sees a group of her comrades and pumps a fist to them. She thinks to herself leading will be hard, but the fire in her soul can get her through it.

Bren DeGrey

  • Bren stares silently into his campfire, memories flooding his mind. Watching flames banter and battle creating more light with each breath. He glances at his captain Olga.

"Olga! How are the men after news of The Hammer Kraken fall?" Barks Bren.

"They are well and ready I suppose Lord Bren. They are a little demoralized but time will heal these wounds." Olga announces while shifting her eyes to her lord. "How are you my lord?"

"Bummed Olga, really bummed. He was great military leader and better friend. He saved my arse more than I've got fingers." Bren frowns as he holds his course hands up revealing 9 1/2 fingers. "I should have been fighting on that battlefield, our archers could of covered him" he stares back into the fire. Watching it dance as his eyes tear up and starts to run down his face. Kraken was the friend who he would stand beside through any army or engagement.

Summer Evening - Taselak

Apollo Davis Player

  • The flashbacks of the battle slowly come back to me. By now I am ridden of Seggelin, healing my men in Endelee . The screams of Ikalak and Taselak Alike still ring in my ears as if I was still there. But one will always be burned into my mind: Kraken, our Marshal himself died in the melee. I remember it clear as day:*

We march towards the enemy keeping line formation as ordered. You never really cherish peace until your on the brink of its end. Oh how I wish I was back in Taselak on my estate. The ground is already wet with the blood of the Ikalak's first wave. We step over the bodies trying to keep in formation. Before us is a group of 80 or so infantry. My men falter in front of me though we have barely seen combat yet.

"Hold Formation!" I shout at my men.

Then I hear the wretched Ikalak warcry blend into our own. Then its all a blur. The clash of the front line, the whiz of arrows overhead, the sight of banners, and the screams of my own men. I am already bearing a few wounds from past engagements. And it hurts more to see my line ploughed through and trampled like small children. My men begin to scatter slightly though my shouts keep them steady. I take another slash from a Ikalak soldier as I fight his friend. The chaos continues. Both sides show no mercy.

Kraken himself fights near us. I can hear his shouts to his men and other units as he directs the battle. The next moment I would remember forever. The Ikalak soldier who slips past his men and charges him, the whiz of arrows that try to hit the soldier but miss for the fear of the accidental hit of Kraken. Before Kraken can react the sword of the soldier is half in his gut. The soldier is cut down by Kraken a moment later, he stumbles as healers grab him and take him off the battlefield.

The struggle commences for two hours. My men scatter around me three-fourths of the way through it. I move forward slightly to help cover their retreat. The moment I do Im bashed to the ground and I can feel the air pushed from my lungs. Multiple pains lace my sides as I hear the battle continue. I open my eyes to see a Ikalak soldier standing above me. He slices into my side as I cry in agony, then slams me in the face with the hilt of his sword. Everything goes black. What would happen next would be seen as a miracle.

4th March

Summer Day - Taselak

Gadge Buros

Gadge hears cries from a battle near him. He keeps on walking not turning back, even to look. He does not want to go into battle with his men. They would not be able to hold up against the mighty Ikalak forces.

“We need to help!” His soldiers yell.

“We can’t! If we do we will die... Just like my brother.” Gadge responds thinking about his past.

“My brother and I were fighting side by side against 3 dozen Ikalak soldiers. We were slicing our swords through each and everyone of them. But I can’t forget what happened next... Out of nowhere a troop charged at us. With one swing of his sword he slit my brothers neck. The weirdest thing was that he didn’t go for me, once he killed my brother he ran.” Gage tells his soldiers

When Gadge finished his story everything was quiet until the screams of the war started started again.

Summer Evening - Taselak

Réexamine Rainhorse

Reexmine her troops scream stay focused she says. We must get closer to them so we can actually do damage. Her heart burning with revenge from her fallen comrades. She knows that if her troops can get close she can get the revenge she so badly wants. She pumps her fist and her troops run the fastest they ever have.

As Reexmine walks through the plains of endee she sees a huge city pop up. The great spires of towers and a sign that says Talsanke. She is very familiar to this region because this is where she is a dame. The bridge she crosses is huge with stone walls and a beautiful stone pathway. Her troops moan but she screams back to pump them up, knowing a huge battle is coming. Reexmine is worrying which she has never done before. The three powers are at war Ikalak is fighting on both sides. At least she knows the general has a very good war mind. One of her troops walks up to her and says....

“Sir umm I mean mam”

“Don’t disrespect me like that” Reexmine says as she draws her sword,

“Sorry mam I was just worried about the war,”

Reexmine stabs him. The Solider falls to the floor in agony.

“Now march with me, anymore lack of discipline will get you killed.” States Reexmine fiercely.

11th March

Summer Day - Taselak

Réexamine Rainhorse

“Freedom, Freedom, Freedom for all” I scream,

“Why should we trust you, you killed our armies.”

I jump off my horse to go give people more ale. I feel the cold Ice and see the yellowish drink in my hand. I walk over and hand it to the man that was complaining and give him a cheers. Many days passed in this fun way. Then archers started digging trenches, grabbing arrows and checking bow strings. I finally realized what was happening. We were preparing for war.

Bren DeGrey


Summer Evening - Taselak

Réexamine Rainhorse

Sharpen your swords boys tomorrow we took some blows from Ikalak. We will sing songs and pump our fists tonight. Let’s sing the captain says…

The Rainhorse rides in Depth and Dispar

With swords pitched an shields clanked

The final charge of the family

We will defend

When the arrows come our way

Will charge rainhorse blood in our veins

Toward our greatest enemy

We will defend

We finally lay siege

The change as fast as possible

But get trampled by the horse

The rainhorse because WE WILL DEFEND