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9th June

Summer Day - Taselak

Giddithous von Hammersmark

Giddithous sat in a wartent at midday. His men had all been directed to their brutalizing for the day, and all that was left to attend him was a personal guard and his scribes. Doing their duties silently, he scimmed across a battle report from Falens and let out a snort of laughter.

"Guerilla warfared his way into 300 men."

This continued to cause him the giggles throughout the day. His men, if they noticed, said nothing.

18th June

Summer Day - Lesthem

Sepia Snodaert

In the mean while an old fool was found inexplicably choking on a goats turd preventing him from uttering what was undoubtably foul language.

Romulus Schwarzherzig, Beppo Blessed High Priest of Ikalak, Royal of Ikalak, Duke of the Final Order, Governor of Toren Stronghold, Marshal of the Northern Collection Army has been killed by Tentacles (14).

Sepia was found looking very pleased with her men.

Summer Evening - Endelee

Bren DeGrey

Finally healed from the lucky archer arrow. Seems there is a little resentment to all the death and fall of toren...rightfully so, on both sides.

I wish to say thank you to each and everyone of you for your valiant work and courage in the face if danger.

And to Lady Sepia for her brilliant tactics and leadership. With you by our side defeat will be hard earned by the sandies.

19th June

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

Bren looks out across the broken ramparts and battlements in Toren. Still impeded with the ikkie and Taselakian banners and deceased.

"Lady Sepia, I feel we have finally avenged Lord Kraken's death. But I fear we may have awaken something more frightful. We need to gain knowledge of our old enemy."

He pauses and glances at the army proudly.

"We have the finest army and brilliant minds in our ranks. Without them we wouldn't be here. I di not fear what comes next...but the death toll to come."

25th June

Summer Day - Taselak

Training Match

Scein Dubhaine, Hidden Hand of the Emerald Harp of Taselak, Margravine of Taselak, Marshal of the Taselak Phoenix meets her challenger Sir Giddithous von Hammersmark, Count of Kail for the agreed training match.
Giddithous has decided to use the 'neutral' strategy while Scein has chosen the 'aggressive' strategy, giving Scein the advantage.
After a series of blows, Scein wins the training match.

29th June

Summer Day - Toren Stronghold

Clara Stormreaver

Pleased with how the battle had gone, even though they hadn't 'won' per-say, Clara surveyed the destruction before here; many had been wounded again this day. Noting the banners spread across the field, Clara is mildly disappointed to see a couple still standing, as well as irritated that others were not.

"Captain Galeria", she calls absently from her perch overseeing the carnage. Her captain was not far away, helping re-organize her soldiers, and was quickly by her side. "I have a package of cookies I promised to deliver to Lady Cara for looking out for me... do see they get delivered, perhaps by a healer? Reports are that she'd wounded...."

Captain Galeria nods and steps away to follow the instruction before Clara stops her.

"One more thing, there's a batch of cookies with EXTRA raisins for Lord Wulfric, be sure he gets those as well, with my compliments", she smiles mischievously before returning her attention to the field, leaving her captain to find someone to make the deliveries behind enemy lines.

Summer Evening - Toren Stronghold

Sepia Snodaert

Sepia looked back on a sattisfying battle.

As she marched from the great stronghold she smiled to herself and spoke half audibly.

Such a pity you could not maintain your takeover... Such a pity...

See you again on the field of battle Sandalak.