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2nd January

Summer Day -- Taselak

Noble has left

Swenja Velaryon, Mithril Sword of Justice of Taselak, Baroness of Astin, Marshal of the Black Army of Taselak was killed during a battle in Dakan. Astin is now without a lord.

Battle in Dakan

Taselak vs. Ikalak

Estimated strengths: 60 men vs. 390 men

The heroine Swenja Velaryon, Mithril Sword of Justice of Taselak, Baroness of Astin, Marshal of the Black Army of Taselak was killed by a militia unit of Ikalak.

Defender Victory!

Armitage IV D'Anglos


3rd January

Summer Day -- Taselak

Hero buried

The Velaryon family commemorates the dead hero Swenja.

Kraken Snodaert

We will Commemorate Lady Swenja in Seggelin later today.

Let us take back our land in her honor.

Kraken Snodaert

Lords and Ladies of Taselak,

Lady Sceins prediction that the commander of the Black Army must die has come true.

Lady Swenja the energetic and enigmatic commander and our judge has perished at the hands of Peasants in the dredges of Ikalak.

She was my friend and someone I felt would help our realm recover from our slumber.

As I light her Pyre and the smoke rises up into the heavens we grit our teeth and wipe our tear.

Swenja will not go unavenged.

We will keep the black army and I have found in Bren a worthy replacment for Lady Swenja.

Lady Scein will you accept Bren as the marshal of the army?

He will take on the task of being the mosquito that bites the Ikkie eat in the night.



Kraken Snodaert

Duke Kraken swears two valiant nobles in as regional lords.

All welcome Lady Armitage as Lady of Belus and Lord Bren as lord of Astin.

Keep you regions well and your people happy and working hard.



16th January

Summer Evening -- Belus

Surprising and Strange Sleep Acts

Hammer Kraken is overseeing his unit's civil work when he sees some men standing around chatting rather than helping lift a beam with their comrades. Demanding to know what they're gabbing about, they sheepishly share the latest rumour on people committing surprising and strange acts in their sleep.

27th January

Summer Day -- Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

The sun rose over the city of Taselak. Everywhere was the ringing of hammers on Anvils, rings of mail were threaded and leather codpieces cut meticulously from freshly cured hard leather.

Kraken went over the dayly reports. No sign of the 1000 ikkies earlier spotted in Falens. The recruits were streaming into the recruitment centres but there was no way to keep pace with the numbers of men the Ikkies could field.

This made the three victories taselak had seen more or less pyrric. They were full strenght again while we struggle.

Still the tide of war was Up. Sandalak was on the rise and with almost everyone in Taselak, Building and recruiting like this.

The next battle would be that much more secure.

Kraken smiled his jagged smile as he greeted his captain with the next batch of reports.

28th January

Summer Day -- Taselak

Noah Lawson

Noah walks through the camp of his men. Some came with him from his family estates and some he hired at the capitol just 1 day ago. They all seem eager or nervous. now that they know they are marching to war.

Not really sure how he feels himself he walks around offering encouragement and praises to his men. Captain Jurgen is in the command tent when Noah arrives there.

"Captain get the men ready. At sunrise we fight our first battle together. May glory shine on us both."

The captain salutes and heads out of the tent to ready the troops

29th January

Summer Day -- Taselak

Noah Lawson

The enemy standing at the base of the foot hills of lesthem and our troops standing just out of bow range getting ready for a charge looked like somthing out of a poem. Noah looked down the line to make sure his troops were ready.

Being the first battle he has fought he was nervous. He has only ever read about fighting and warfare. The order was giving and the line started advancing as one. The hail of arrows that soon followed was tremendous and cut down quite a few troops right off. As the troops got close to each other a roar was given off by both sides, which was only dimmed by the clash of steel.

Noah wasnt sure how long the fighting lasted, it seemed like days. His sword arm was tired and sore by the time his troops broke through the enemy infantry. Many nobles were wounded and carried off but Noah never got to strike a serious blow on one.

As the fight grew less around him he rallied his men and looked at the archers on the slope. He saw a couple of other infantry divisions charging the slope and joined in. The forces just about made it to the archers and the archers fired straight into the charging men. It was during this last volley that Noah remembers getting shot in the chest with an arrow then he blacked out.

Noah awakes suddenly with a gasp and tries to sit up but hands hold him down. He turns his head and sees captain Jurgen with a worried look on his face.

"my lord the healers didn't think you would make it. They were are surprised that you pulled through. They said it was nothing short of a miracle that you are recovering so soon."

"Well captain rally the men and prepare to leave. I'm afraid that I will have to ride in the back of the wagon for a few days. Miracle or not I'm still in some pain. I do think our men help up pretty well for their first battle though."