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4th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

Stay diligent and keep your eyes open nobles. We have one enemy scout in Kail. I feel they will try to stop TO at all costs.

YOU ALL are the best to have by my side. I will continue to so my best to hit the Ikie Beppo with the most rotten fruit I can find! The last batch of The Krakens rotten hammers are enroute. The last time we used them we killed the Beppo for Th Krakens death.

Glory should be coming soon let's make the ikkies earn it mighty nobles!

Sepia Snodaert

We will Take the fight to them and pull Hartfort from under their noses!

Bren DeGrey

One step at a time my lady Sepia. We will gain Hartford soon. But it will take both armys and all nobles to maintain fight against their army as it stands. We take neralle we can gain the upper. They cant keep up with both sandalak and us.

Speaking of which! What is the treaty with sandalak?

5th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

I want to thank all of you Taselakian nobles for fighting for glory. We let the ikkies know they messed up with killing The Hammer Kraken. We took their Beppo the next big battle. Then came lesthem. Multiple battles but finally under our flag. Now we are in Neralle... it will find its way under our flag soon.

All this couldnt be done without YOU, every single one of YOU. So I wish to say thank you, lady Taselak thanks you...but most of all the peasantry and children thank you!

Stay vigilant as a battle draws near reall soon. Sharpen your axe string your bows and prepare for war!

15th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Sepia Snodaert

Thank you Lady Ashe! Sepia looked over the report.

Very well...

It seems we have nothing to fear from Toren.

We fight! Come what help we may receive.

Bite down Lads, we will weather this storm!

Sepia and her men kept digging their trench an pallisade to the moans of their enemies.

Erennius Marlior

"Come in!" said Erennius to the man standing in front of his tent. "A, Elrdred, my good captain. Are your wounds healing?"

"Yes Sir, it is but a scratch... but Sir..." Said the captain as if searching for words that his leader would use. "If I may speak freely, I have seen you on the battlefield, stabbed straight through the chest. As much as I trust our healers, I must say the fact that we are speaking so soon is nothing short of a miracle."

Erennius laughed. Elrdred seemed relieved.

"Seems like my god came out victorious against this so-called Beppo this time."

"Yes Sir, it seems like it."

"Anyway, I have received the report of our losses. They are indeed disconcerting. Let's hope that our god stays with us for a bit longer. Go and gather the Falcons... or what has remained of them."

16th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

Nobles if Taselak,

I know your men are beaten up, tired, and covered in our own blood aswell as the enemies. BUT WE STILL STAND TALL! The battlefield is still ours after unsurpassed numbers have hit our lines day after day. YET WE STILL STAND TALL!

This speaks volumes of all of you! No finer army to command! NO FINER SOLDIERS I WOULD RATHER FIGHT BESIDE!


Sepia Snodaert

Just for today, I have started to add some nuts to my fruit.

They are a bit soft to my taste but none the less, some welcome protein.

19th April

Summer Morning - Taselak

Sepia Snodaert

One by one the bruised and battered units came by on the road to Taselak. Sepia had seen them all. Heroes of the battle of leathem, now she was the rearguard moving to taselak last as her men stood lookout for the enemies pursuit.

23rd April

Summer Morning - Taselak

Looting Activity

Someone from our realm has broken into homes and robbed locals in Lesthem (Ikalak). Witnesses report that the looting was conducted by Geseg Lamarque, Knight of Falens.

Bren DeGrey

Do not loot lesthem as it will hinder the takeover. Friendly options for takeover.

Geseg Lamarque

My mistake. I did not pay very good attention to my boarding school lessons as a lad and my manners are lacking I am afraid. I will learn to ask questions first in the future before taking such rash action.

Bren DeGrey

No fear my friend. I grew up in these lands. The Taselakian way of life to its noble battle lines are two different things. One must act with and on honor. That being said, feel free to throw whatever spoiled fruit at the ugly Ikkies as much as you want. They are honorless and deserve torture before death, if time allows it

Summer Evening - Taselak

Bren DeGrey

I have sent a courier to Astin this morning. After looking over the mead supply upon arrival I found out the ikkies downt drink mead or whiskey. Both will be brought up by the morning.

Ashe Tempest

Lady Tempest heard news that Baron Bren DeGrey was ordering some mead and whiskey, to celebrate Taselak's impending victory no doubt. For if the Ikkies do show every Nobles of Taselak is sure to make it a multiple day showdown.

Ashe motions for her scribe, "Send a letter to the Hammer of Taselak DeGrey. I don't quite fancy mead or whiskey. See if he can have some of our finest wine brought up as well. Only the sweetest will do for my taste."

Her scribe simply replies "Yes milady" and with a quick bow is off to deliver the message.

Lady Tempest looks towards Toren Stonghold before whispering, "Come now Ikkies, wine taste all the sweeter after your blood has been spilled."

Bren DeGrey

A female courier comes into the command tent with letter in hand. Bren looks up from the table littered with maps and placeholders. He raises his hand for the letter.

"Lord Hammer, lady Ashe sends word sir!" She nervously speaks.

Bren takes the letter, breaks the seal and starts to read. He grabs his quill and starts writing on a parchment. He then folds it, seals it and hands it back to the beautiful courier.

The letter reads,

My lady Ashe! I would be humbled and most joyful for you to have some of the asgardian special reserve wine. Aged for a crisp bite but wont leave your mouth dry. It is the best I've ever had. I will make sure you personally receive a personal cask just for you.

24th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Ashe Tempest

Lady Tempest scribe had returned with the Baron's reply but almost a day late.

Ashe slapped the scribe upside his head before scolding him, "What took you so long, did you get lost crossing a field. You better not have been off sneaking and getting drunk. Now give me my letter."

The scribe handed over the letter and bow skulked away. Reading the contents pleased Ashe, a cask of the finest wine just for her.

"Now I just need to make pincushions of some Ikkies and my week will be made" Lady Tempest whispers to herself.

27th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Armitage IV D'Anglos

Thank you my Liege,

Being the judge it will make it a lot easy to take care of the regions. My Objective is to keep our regions at their best so we will receive 100% of our gold income. Wit gold we can fight stronger and harder.

28th April

Summer Evening - Taselak

Ashe Tempest

The fair Lady Ashe was none to brash

staking a claim to Lesthem giving Ikkies the boot

with a bash and a smash taking out the trash

from here on Taselak will feed on the finest of fruit.