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1st September

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Armitage IV D'Anglos

Armitage IV grand daughter of Armitage III just step forth in this world ready to fight and earn her name and place in this world. Armitage comes from a family of realm builders but she has not come to this world to build it, but to fight. She need experince in the art of war and here in Taselak is where she will learn her skill and trade..

2nd September

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Rev Greer

Rev wakes up all in a sweat and in a rush grabs his blade. He pauses and looks around shakes his head and lights up a candle. He grabs an eagles feather and ink. “The dreams they are getting worse as the enemies close in screams of my people haunt my mind. We have to think of the many here I just wish some people could holster there hate to see that we are only trying to do what we can for a realm we love”. Rev sets it in a stack of other papers and sits back he looks out his window at the night sky as the stars glimmer. “How did it come to this only a few places left and the walls closing in I should have kicked that tyrant to the curb long ago instead of trying to give him a chance”. Rev ponders a moment and rushes up and grabs his gear and goes and wakes his messages “ go and wake Coulson I gotta a plan a crazy one but a plan now hurry”.

Harambe Foote

Morale was low, not really, but it wasn't perfect so Harambe took charge. What were the options he wondered? Oh, who am I kidding, there was only one choice for this large hairy beast and his Banana Slingers: Ballroom Dancing. Off Harambe went in his best tuxedo to the finest hall in Taselak.

Coulson Blue

A dance, they had said. A ballroom dance. ALL the nobles were going, they said.

Well to the figgy jam with all this Blue would go too.

He ate, shaved his skull clean, covered the necrosis with some banana paste, and strut out the door is his best Tassie blacks. Dark slacks, dark jacket, dark shirt. And a weird little hat, like a rowboat for the brain.

7th September

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Rev Greer

Rev walks out with the guards out of the castle banners flapping in the wind. The guards are holding a wooden box that glimmers with gold and the handles made of ivory. Finally they make there way down the curvy paths to the Mausoleum the guards open the gates and make there way inside rev turns and faces the crowd. “ everyone today brings me much sadness to put to rest a man that paved his way with fire with passion and loyalty. He honestly saved us in his last days while he wasn’t a king he deserves a kings burial. It was my honor to serve beside him in the darkest times we have faced since the beginning. Coulson Blue your name shall forever be etched in stone here and never forgotten but as a beacon of bravery and honor”. Rev slides the casket in its spot personally shutting the mausoleum doors.

17th September

Summer Day -- Endelee

Clas' Litter

It was widely known that after Clas had a feast, there was much litter about town. Something about negotiations with the garbage union being at an impasse regarding large events.

Harambe's Beetle

Harambe was playing with his pet beetle when he was supposed to be eating his molasses.

His keeper was just not having a good day. He had lost the codepages to Harambe and couldn't communicate at all. The sediment of the nextdoor acre's landslide hadn't been resolved yet, still piled against the southwestern wall. And his mistress's raspberry hosiery his wife had found!

Remembering this last detail, he buried himself back into his work of sediment, codepages, and ultimately, the molasses.

18th September

Summer Evening -- Endelee

Opiaus' Plate

Night had fallen. Night was when the Trouble came out. He had enough on his plate, literally and figuratively, without the Trouble. Starting a new career as a nobleman, with so much to learn. And heaping piles of apples, doves, shark, mutton, and zebra, which he poked at with his fork.

29th September

Summer Evening -- Endelee

Harambe Foote

Harambe pounded his chest with his large fist while grunting. Harambe's interpreter proceeded to yell out his best translation, "Hit it, you weaklings!" All the Banana Slingers started playing catch with watermelons. Each time a watermelon broke apart after being dropped on the dirty ground the one who failed to catch the watermelon was forced to eat said watermelon. How this exercise was supposed to improve their ability to be soldiers was not known but it gave Harambe a good laugh or two. After eight hours there were only a few watermelons left and every stomach was full.

30th September

Summer Day -- Endelee

Rev Greer

Rev walks through the halls with haste. Thoughts of the last battle rage on in his head. The brave warriors that were injured and killed in the last battle just weighing on his mind. He stops and picks up a chair and begins slamming it furiously on the floor causing the chair to burst into pieces. A maid passing by stops and looks at the king with potty. He stops standing there breathing deeply holding a leg of the chair he glances up at her and says “ I will clean this up you need not worry your king is just trying to fix the leg of this wobbly chair” a smile breaks on his face she nods and walks off.