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7th October

Summer Evening -- Endelee

Harambe Foote

During the freedom celebrations of Endelee, Harambe set up a balloon stand in the middle of town. Rapidly he made various balloon animals and balloon fruits for all who came by.

13th October

Summer Day -- Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

“Krakens men were cheering with approval, a forced march on Astin followed by hand to hand Battle on the walls. It was all they hoped and waited for.”

Rev Greer

Rev walks out in front of everyone and gets them to halt. Everyone is in a hush eyes are steady and looking at there king.

“My friends here we are going to take back what’s ours do not waste this with thoughts of death but let’s rise up and strike down our foe. Let the sun fear what we are about to do to them and flee because only things that bad should happen in the dark of night. You are the bravest men and women a person could ever ask for you are one you are TASELAK We will rise from the ashes we will stand tall and we will prevail”.

The men go in a uproar rev drops his hands and the men begin marching once more.

Summer Evening -- Astin

Kraken Snodaert

Rummaging through the rubble of what once was a fairly well constructed motte and Bailey fortification Kraken came accross his captain, a boy still, a commoner who grew up at the snodaert mansion in inladesh along with Kraken, his sister and his bastard half brother. What was left of the pallisade was keeping no one out. Kraken smiled to see all but one of his men alive. The new recruit from Taselak City was the first to climb the wall banner in hand. A brave young man from a continent that litterally began to feel like home.

14th October

Summer Day -- Astin

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken patrolled the area around the marketplace activities. In the distance some troops were holding a man down and beating him violently as he begged for mercy "I believe we are going for the most friendly takeover right? Somehow random acts of violence might not help our cause at this point...." Can I be of any assistance?

Guard: My lady? I do not think she is ready to receive visitors...

Kraken: ""Let her rest, I just wanted to drop this by" He hands a basket of plump Astin Apples, the famed ones with rosie cheeks.

Summer Evening -- Astin

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken was approached by his captain later that night. Sir.... yes sir, it is about Edrik... Edrik? Yes, your cousin Sir. What about him. Well, he died sir. What do you mean he died? Well, he kicked the bucket sir.... Ah, but I thought you told me he just had a fleshwound? Nothing to worry about, the doctor said, just some spit and sour herbs he said... we’ll Sir, maybe he strained himself walking guard this morning. Anyway, it appears the bleeding started again and this time they could not stop him from bleeding out.

Kraken shook his head, perhaps the lads he had brought from Inladesh were not cut out for the brutality of this island. This was the third of his childhood comrades that had died, even though Edrik and Kraken had never been close.

Very well, you are dismissed tomorrow we will see to a proper burning after the customary warm words. Tonight we have townspeople to entertain. With or without Edrik, our future lies in taselak.

Good night Sir

Good night, make him look pretty, for once in his life.

I will see to it sir...

Tomorrow at dawn beer at the marketplace.

Yes sir.

15th October

Summer Evening -- Astin

Kraken Snodaert

The look on the faces of his men and the fellow officers had changes over the last days. From tired to determined from dejected to smug. Or maybe not smug, confident in ther ability to meer the enemy on the field of battle head on. Kraken liked What he saw and joined his men in a game of dice over the recent spoils.

The camp outside Astin was very much awake that night, three days of straight drinking with the people of Astin might have taken its toll on the livers but not the hearts of the young men and women. Kraken was inside his tent, the huge hammer, sign of command and so effortlessly carried by Rev only hours ago, in the middle of the table. He picked it up, felt its weight press on his wrist and forearm. A clumsy weapon but a strong symbol of Taselaks fortitude. Just days ago Shield Rev had wielded it, swung it over his head like a banner in the middle of the first breech of the wooden walls of Astin. Kraken thrust the Hammer up, over his head as high as he could given the height of the tent. The mirror was not a forgiving spectator even given the amount of drink blurring its surface...

For now Kraken would just be one of the men, following Scein on the road to Endelee and onward to the thick of the next battle.

16th October

Summer Evening -- Seggelin

Kraken Snodaert

Scout reports came flooding in, Harambe's bananaslingers carried the day fending off Ikalak elite forces and getting invaluable information about the enemies movements. Harambe should make sure not to stay in the cage too long lest he get shot up, Kraken thought to himself.

17th October

Summer Day -- Seggelin

Kraken Snodaert

Krakens Runner was not at ease, Seggelin by all rights was part of the realm but he was unfamiliar with these lands. Even de way trees marked the riverbeds was different, no way to tell if the stream would be crossable, endlessly the muddy paths. Still he had made progress with his package. The next choir was finding Commander Harambe... That would be something, sneaking up on him would not be easy. The man (Or was he?) was all ears and had eyes in the back of his head or so people said. The package, a good size wooden box, emitted a shrill squeak.

Summer Evening -- Seggelin

Kraken Snodaert

The package part 2

The runner finally localized Harambes camp, he had decided to approach it the loud way to avoid an arrow to the forehead and two of the remarcable Bananaslingers had releaved him of His weapon, and the package. “Ha cke that with care” he had protested. It is a gift from my lord, Kraken, the hamer of the Realm himself.

When brought before Harambe the tension hat lifted. He looked at the wooden crate with anticipation and the runner explained. “I bring this gift as a token of appreciation, my lord kraken brought her all the way from Ibladesh. In Ibladesh they are often trained as thieves and errand runners. Somehow when released she will allways find her way back to her former master. Her name is Samira and she is fond of ripe Fruit and an occasional egg, mouse or chick. Please do not let her drink wine as she can be very agressive on the drink.

Lord Kraken, lets you know that Samira is trained to spot liars and plotters and to protect her master. And to treat her kindly, sir.

The runner handed Harambe a small packet of dried dates and bananas and gratefully took the tankard of ale offered to him.

18th October

Summer Day -- Seggelin

Harambe Foote

Harambe watched the messenger leave, he was uncertain what had transpired as he completely forgot that he accepted the gift just a day or two ago. Slowly moving in close to the crate, he started sniffing it. There was clear fragrance of wood but not much else. Continuing his scent inspection he finally found that there was nothing but that pine smell.

"What's in the box!?" the seventeen year-old squire asked eagerly.

Harambe grunted in dissatisfaction at his inability to smell the gift and signed to his interpreter that he wanted the crate opened. Two men hastily moved towards the box and started prying it open. As the top piece of wood broke off and slid to the side, a large brown goo launched into the face of one of the men. The goo slinger jumped from the box and went directly to Harambe who was laughing uncontrollably. All in the tent finally learned that this was a small Capuchin monkey.

"It smells horrible," the man cried out wiping away the foul goo.

Harambe hit the ground and began rolling with laughter.

Summer Evening -- Seggelin

Kraken Snodaert

Anna Soul was leading the takeover with great dedicatio nand efficiency, a barrel of all to sooth the throat of every thirsty man and woman. Soon the good people of Seggelin would start to remember better days before Ikalak occuption. Kraken was just happy to be close to the sea, fresh ingredients for his famous Gumbo. He would make sure to send a cauldron to Lady Anna's camp later.

23rd October

Summer Day -- Lesthem

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken looked over the slaughter in Lesthem the peasants had been equally angry as they had been useless against the honed warriors of the Hammer. The pillage seemed to have been meagre because the taxes had just been collected but the upside was that the next taxround would be more meagre too and in the upcoming battle the peasants would overcrowd Every battle line. Kraken was confident the next battle in Neralle would be bloodier and more interesting. The Ikkies had been reported in the field in Bieth So they would not be back any time soon. Kraken mounted his horse and oversaw the packaging of his carts. Time to ride to berate!

(Ooc Neralle .... I always mix them up :)

What? Lady Scein wounded, again? Kraken shook his head, although the injuries did not seem to grave and they certainly did not seem to stem her flow of energy in any way... Leading from the front had aquired an entirely new meaning serving under her. Kraken watched as she mounted her steed and rode off to Neralle.

26th October

Summer Evening -- Neralle

Harambe Foote

A calm settled over the open plains of Neralle, miles away from Lesthem. Harambe spit on his palms and rubbed them together vigorously. Grabbing the sling he began spinning the banana above his head. Around and around the slightly browned fruit went. Releasing one string at just the right time, Harambe watched his banana soar through air. Without a sound it landed way out in the distance. Harambe cheered as if he accomplished his mission. Running with enthusiasm out to the field, Harambe started his search for the banana.

...four hours later...

Harambe gave up on his mission of finding his banana. He searched everywhere he could think of. Behind the lone tree on a hill, under a rock, even in the stomach of a squirrel. The banana was no where to be found. Surely this meant that the banana reached Lesthem. Harambe jumped with joy at his great feat.

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken watched from his tent as his most trusted commander went about his business making large gestures involving overripe fruit. He had never understood how Harambe managed to get information on time every time. Right now it seemed like he woud probably never get it. It mattered little really. No matter how many Ikkies would come steaming out of Lesthem... The hammer was here to stay and face them.

28th October

Summer Evening -- Ikalak Prison

Torain Aurelius

Master Torain, I bring the last words of Harambe. He states and I quote:

I used to be a hero like you but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Torain, recovering from his millionth wound and fighting his 3rd war, was for the first time in his life, confused. :/

31st October

Summer Day -- Ikalak Prison

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken went over the scoutreports. Ikalak was fully engaged with Sandalak, but also managed to make good progress in building the militia of Neralle and Toren, Kraken had great respect for their diligence. The militia in Neralle Needed a good pummeling!