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1st January

Summer Day -- Kerfort


You have been wounded during the battle in Kerfort.

Battle Results

Your unit participated in a battle in Kerfort. Your scribe has written down a battle report.

The battle lasted for 2 hours.

You have gained 1 Honour and 1 Prestige.

You have improved your swordfighting skill.

10 of your men were killed and 10 were wounded in this battle.

Morale of your troops falls by 12 points. Your men's equipment suffers 6 % damage. Combat training increases by 2 points. Unit cohesion rises 2 points.

Ammer Soul

Ammer awoke somewhat later in the morning than was his standard routine. His head hurt no more or less than any other day. Maybe three shots of rum tonight!

His breakfast was already delivered and placed outside his door. He picked it up and slammed the door behind him! There were letters upon the tray; he read them one by one... "Incompetent fools!" he bellowed out. He jumped up, opened the door and yelled down the coridoor, "Hang those bastard clerks!". No reply came forthwith, he slammed the door once more and went back to his letters. He had been in office less than a week and the announcement of another election filled him with rage.

Throwing the letter over his shoulder in disgust, Ammer continued perusing the remaining letters; More ranting! but the election still played on his mind, I will deal with Zarrah and Scien later if they continue their childish charades furthermore!

Isabella le Craint

The sun was beginning to set over the hills. Shops throughout town were beginning to close for the day. This, however, was just the start for Isabella.

Prepared and ready, Isabella pulled her hood over her head. The black and white spotted leather adorned with horns. She drew her cutlass and began to move. Into the fields and through the foliage. She smiles as she came to a clearing. Hushing the men and women behind her, similarly dressed to her, they began to move quietly.

In the middle of the clearing, a large wild cow was feeding on a berry bush.

Isabelle pointed to nearby bushes, organizing her men to take positions around the clearing. For a few minute, it was silent. Just watching the animal as it continued eating. Suddenly, Isabella began to move, screaming and shouting, forcing the cow further into the clearing. The others stood up and moved out of the foliage, following Isabella as she charged towards the cow. With quick movements, the band of soldiers slashed and fought the cow. It didnt last long. Once the dust had settled, Isabella gathered the men and women around the cow.

"Right, Jhor gather the berries. Rekl skin the cow. We need to move quickly to find more fruit for the coming days."

Isabella smiled as she walked towards the bush, picked a ripe berry and placed it within her mouth.

"Right lets move out, there is more to be found around here but we better get it before the moon rises too high."

Summer Evening -- Kerfort

Appointed as Lord

Alparslan Kalkandelen, Shield of Taselak, Royal of Taselak, Duke of Taselak, Margrave of Taselak has appointed you as the new lord of Moeth. You should probably check out the region and estates and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Haroldo Bowker

Haroldo recieve the names of the new knights of Taselak. He was not a smiling man but all those names were something he could enjoy enough to smile with all his face.

If only that dame Isabella were there...

Ammer Soul

Ammer sat on the edge of his bed preparing to settle down for the night... same routine

He held the bottle of rum in hand and sighed. I need to find answers, he thought to himself. He played over in his mind the cloudy scenarios of his dreams, knowing he has to go back there every night and this one.

He sees: A tall figure... no, an extremely tall figure, almost giant-like in stature. The body of the figure is faded, but the face is clear always. Ammer focused on the image; the stern withering features of the face somehow feels familiar, but the memory out of reach. He recalls the face changing; morphing-- Demon-like!. Simply recalling his dreams in this way fills his stomach with a gross intensity. Then another figure beside the giant man; long black hair, more human-like wearing a dark red robe. One eye stares at him, the other hidden behind an eye patch. Through the cloudy mists, Ammer watches as the two haunting figures raise a decapitated head in front of him; the victim unrecognisable. I am bound!... Then the eyes! The piercing gaze penetrating, thrusting deep into his mind... His head throbbed with the sharpness of a thousand needles! The bottle of rum dropped to the floor and spilled its contents as Ammer startled from his daydream.

"F**k it!" he cursed whilst rubbing his forehead Who are those figures?, Ammer still sought answers to his nightmares, he needed to know who he was before being dumped on this island without his most precious of memories. He picked up the bottle and gulped the remaining contents; more than a simple swig. He slipped into bed and closed his eyes, ready for the nights hauntings...

Bobertica Zatirri

Bobertica rolls out from beneath the various corpses of Kerfort.

Covered in blood, some maybe hers, and with a sharp pain in her leg, she crawled her way across the urban battlefield.

As she brought her right hand over one of the dead corpses, it hit a solid object in the man's pack.

It felt like a rock.

She opened the pack and pulled out what appeared to be a very old, heavy book.

Unsure why she was intrigued by this, she pushed into her pack and continued crawling across the battlefield.

3rd January

Summer Evening -- Astin

Lasten Bluelake

"It seems you were ignored, Sir"

Lasten stretched back and smiled. "Yes, it would seem so. There'll be other opportunities."

4th January

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Ammer Soul

The prison warden announced "My Lord, the prisoner has been escorted to the cells and is secure"

"Excellent, I will visit him in the morning. Please offer him a hearty meal. In fact, I am feeling quite generous this evening, offer him fat juicy steak- medium rare; compliments of the the Judge"

The warden scratched his head and replied reluctently "Umm Sir, there are no steaks left in the stores"

"Go find a butcher and get one then, quick quick..." Ammer orderd.

The warden now rubbed his beard "Umm Sir, meat is scarce, especially this time of the evening"

"Very well" Ammer gave in, "Make him up a fruit salad and offer my apologies for the lack of hospitality"

"As you wish Sir" the warden skurried away.

7th January

Summer Day -- Cirannor

Ammer Soul

Ammer awoke just after sunrise; Head thumping.

A knock at the door.

"Come now!" he yelled out. A new servant boy crept in and placed the tray upon the bedside table. The boy stepped back, clasped his hands in front and bowed his head staring at the floor.

"What is this slop!" Ammer questioned sternfully. Upon the tray an effort had been made to lay out neatly and present various fruits: Pineapple, melon, slices of apple and orange segments. "Where is my bacon, sausage and eggs?!".

The young boy cowered further, "No meats left My Lord, please not my fault. No more butchers in town, only fruit and veg stalls.

Ammer stared in disbelief, No more meat!

Then the immesne realisation hit him like a 10 tonne battering ram against a fortress barricade. His new fears surpassed the dread of any haunting dream he had experienced thus far. He slumped to his knees and covered his head with his large calous hands.

He wept out and screamed, his worst nightmares now come true, "IM IN A REALM FULL OF VEGANS! SAVE ME PLEASE!"

Lasten Bluelake

Lasten looks at his table full of all the different cuts of meat, waiting for Dame Isabella to come join him and play skat, while his squire readies a few extra pineapple maces.

"Are you really eating some of that pineapple?"

"Yes, Sir Lasten!"

"Ew. Why?"

"Because they're bitter and sweet, Sir!"

"But it's... fruit! Fruits are weapons! They must be saved to fight the Beppo!"

"What's the Beppo, Sir?"

"No idea, boy... just hear he's really bad. Alas, have we emptied the meat stores of the whole area? Can't be lowering ourselves down to eating fruit..."

"It seems so, Sir"

"Good lad. Come play cards with me, I'll make you the greatest skat player of all time!"

Isabella le Craint

Isabella finally arrived to where she had known Lasten to be staying. She arrived with caution, unsure how to approach, she wasnt quite used to this. However, as she arrived the sight of the table of food lifted her heart. However the sight of another... eating.. a fruit concerned her. As she got closer, she tried to recall as much as she can of what her parents taught her about social etiquette. Lasten was someone she has not met, so she wished to try her best.

"Greetings and good day to you, Sir Lasten Bluelake. I thank you for the invitation, please except this gift from me." She spoke in a greatly elevated voice and walked with her back unnaturally straight. She held out her hands, presenting a large club. However its head had been replaced by a melon with ripe berries attached via small cocktail sticks. "I can assure you this is an excellent weapon, I personally have one just like this in my armory."

Isabella shuffled slowly towards the table, her head bowed down in respect, not really paying attention to where shes going. With a loud thud, she hit the corner of the table opposite Lasten with her knee. Causing her to stumble slightly, wincing in pain, but remain standing. She waited there, with the eyes of onlookers staring daggers at here, until Sir Lasten spoke once again.

Ammer Soul

Ammer entered the cell.

"Knight Enkimaru, apologies for not coming to see you this morning. I heard some very tragic news which upset me greatly, it would not have been good for you if I had addressed you in the mood I was in. I cannot sleep at night for the nighmares I suffer, hence I am quite grumpy after I wake from my disturbed nights. This morning was no exception, but the news that my cooking staff cannot find any meats anywhere in the markets to purchase had me rattled. I will send some more food for you, although it will be the same fruity rubbish unfortunately. We may speak again in the morning."

As Ammer turned to leave, he stopped momentarily. He took one last glance at Enkimaru and felt an overwhelming sense of hunger. Ammer's mouth watered; he swallowed, then nodded to himself shaking off the feeling. He turned and left.

Summer Evening -- Moeth

Dralkar Larakas

Dralkar is a hulking man. He is built like a mountain, muscualr and tall. He has a scar across his left cheek from a dual with another barbaric man.

Dralkar thirst for greatness and to be seen as such. The arena or battlefield is home to this man.

8th January

Summer Day -- Moeth

Lasten Bluelake

"Oh, thank you, most gracious dame!" Lasten accepted the gift from Isabella and swung it a few times. "It's a very good weapon! I can offer you one of my maces if you will."

He bowed down to pick up a pineapple mace and missed the dame's bump to the table. Oblivious to her pain, he gave the mace to her. "Please, try it out. We use it against the enemies when we're on the charge. The handle and core are made of steel, but the pineapple pricks and scratches... It can also give some infections, and of course, releases them from the Beppo."

Ammer Soul

Ammer stood outside the cell glaring through the bars at the prisoner. Neither spoke.

Ammer just stared. Prisoner Enkimaru seemed somewhat uncomfortable with the prying eyes crawling all over him.

What would it be like? Ammr pondered

He stared whislt sucking on a peach. It was juicy and ripe...but not satifying. Hunger still rolled within his stomach.

Does it taste like chicken? need cooking or can it be raw?

He couldn't believe he was having these kind of thoughts. He beat his head with his palm trying to rid of the thumping headache. Then he hit the bars, shaking and rattling, they caused prisoner Enkimaru to flinch.

"Your coming with me!" Ammer ordered the guards to escort the prisoner to the lower dungeons.

9th January

Summer Day -- Cirannor

Isabella le Craint

Isabella took hold the mace, still wincing in pain but trying hard to cover it up. She stepped away from the table and began to swing the mace around. Testing its weight and balance. The more she moved the more comfortable she felt with it. She walked back over to the table and placed the mace down, she did not pay attention to where however.

As soon as she released the handle, the weapon fell from the table landing cleanly on the top of her foot. While she was wearing thick leather boots that protected her from the needles, the weight was enough. Before she could react to the pain, she knelt down to pick it up and place it safely on the table.

As she gritted her teeth she turned and bowed to Sir Lasten.

"I humbly apologize for dropping the mace you have so kindly lent to me. Should it be damaged, I shall find you a fresh pineapple to replace it."

As much as she was trying to hide it, the pain was clearly showing on her face this time. The combination of her knee and now her foot was too much for her to hide. She attempted to smile in apology however it came across as an angry scowl. She took a seat at the table, rubbing her knee trying to ease the pain as much as she could.

19th January

Evening -- Moeth

Scein Dubhaine

In Moeth we have Melons, and horses, and strong alcoholic beverages. If you are going to drink and ride, do so the Moethian way... drunk, half-naked and wielding a melon flail.

Baalzak Metanoia

U've heard da Hidden Hand, melon flails everyone!

Brave Harte

Brave Harte whispered loudly in Hammer Torain's ear.

"Lady Scein might be the hidden hand but she sure doesn't hide those melons!"

He burst into a fit of laughter and took another swig of his coconut cocktail, glancing at the Countess with a smirk.

20th January

Morning -- Cirannor

Scein Dubhaine

Anyone concentrating on my melons Marshal Brave is very unlikely to see what my hands are up to...

Bobertica Zatirri

Wait, you have hands?!

Scein Dubhaine

They are hidden hands m'lady.

Torain Aurelius

After Marshal Brave whispered into his ear about Lady Scein's melons, Torain's eyes went wide and face turned red. Most people would assume it was the drink but if anyone knew him they'd know he doesn't drink much alcohol at all. His reaction really showed he was just a 30 year old boy who hasn't thought much of the opposite sex. His childhood was non-existent and his duty came before his leisure. He may have survived albeit lost a death duel against the monster Nuumbara but his father wasn't as fortunate. That was all the motivation he needed to focus on his enemies and not let any distractions stand in his way, even if they did jiggle and bounce and take up almost all of his field of vision.

Still, while everyone jokes and laughs, Torain sits quietly in his corner happy to see that Taselakian nobles are having a good time.

32st January

Summer Morning -- Yayhan

Elric Castillo

I am Elric Castillo of the Bloodstone and this is my pledge. My heart of stone is to Taselak; my bitter blood to Alparslan Shield of Taselak; and my blood lance to our enemies; may they all tremble in fear.