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9th February

Summer Day -- Taselak

Isabella le Craint

Isabella sits calmly on a wooden log, enjoying the view. She bites into a large melon then recoils in disgust.

"How can they eat such things. Fruit only serves as weapons not food."

She throws the melon to the ground and leans back, staring up at the sky. A scout rushes into the clearing, panting heavily with sweat forming on his forehead.

"Lady Isabella, it seems someone has arrived. We need to move."

Isabella smiled.

"Finally, I have been waiting for some company. It is a shame we must leave. It was a nice holiday though, maybe we can visit next time."

The scout looks confused before saluting and returning back to the rest. Isabella stands and begins to dismantle her tent. She looked over the landscape towards Ikalak.

"Such a beautiful city, maybe next time I visit it will be under our banner."

She smiled gleefully and continued to pack away her tent.

20th February

Summer Day -- Toren Stronghold

Kaysa Dragul

Kaysa was going through the battlefield collecting her archers. The live ones could carry her dead to the Beppo in an ultimate sacrifice to his glory.

"My lady", one of the soldiers murmured as she passed by. "Did you know that marshal Typhus was killed in the fighting?"

Kaysa stopped and looked at the man, she turned away staring at the field.

"The marshal was a pain in my neck, but I am going to miss the imp; he made things interesting" she muttered as she began collecting her archers again.