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3rd December

Summer Day -- Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

"Scein Dubhaine has held court in Taselak. The locals feel vaguely gratified that their grievances are heard, but that's all..."

I will have the locals know that the days you feel vaguely gratified are some of the very best times of your life with the benefit of hindsight. Perhaps the people of Taselak need to March to war a little harder and we should crack the whip... Some more... a little louder.

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken Mused over the reports of the siege of Hartford.

King Rev did his name honor today!

Shield of the realm indeed.

Revs regiment pushed their Siege engines towards the wall ahead of all the other commanders. Catchin' arrows Slings and Javelins all the way.

First at the wall. Thrown back in Turmoil by the lone defender....

Under protection of the shield, archers made short work of the defenders. Excellent work Kraken thought!

18th December

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Joselyn Hensley

A Vignette from Perdan

"Tamsyn!" Elinor called for her steward, dismissing her scribe to relay her latest letter.

"Yes, milady?" An older, heavy-set woman stepped over the few feet from the area designated as the camp kitchen to the (currently) open sided tent Elinor was using as her bedchamber and office.

"Let's set a proper table for supper tonight, we might be having a bit of company." She looked up at the sky and sniffed the breeze, "It looks to be staying clear, so I don't think we'll need a cover. I think we should bring out some of the special things from home."

"Cook won't be able to make too many changes to the menu this late in the day, ma'am," Tamsyn frowned thoughtfully, "We do have plenty of dried whinberries and fish, of course; I think I could persuade her to do some of her special pasties."

"You don't think they'll be too plain for a guest, too...country?"

Tamsyn shook her head fiercely, "Anyone who could turn up their nose at Marjery's pasties filled with the best bits of Dimwood isn't worth knowing, my lady, and that's a fact. I'll see to the table and speak with Cook."

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken made his rounds that evening. Several commanders had left the Celebration to their men and were getting their amps organized with their quartermasters and rationers. The smells of different foods, Taselakan but also various foods from nobles ancestral homes. One scent particularly drew him in. It was sweet yet spicy. It seemed to come form Lady Joselyns camp.

20th December

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Kraken Snodaert

Carlos Finally found some time to spend with his captain going over the army stats and the options for next battle.

My lord, the enemy seems to rely heavily on their infantry but their cavalry arm is also strong. They come in three waves.

  • Archery to the front line.
  • Infantry charge following up the first volley
  • Cavalry reinforcement from the back.

Well captain, then we must make sure their arrows fall to the ground, their infantry is met with twice the force and their cavalry meets an avalanche of infantry that is unstoppable.

But lord, they outnumber us as we can see from the scoutings of Toren.

Captain, this is only true if they manage to move as one.

Yes, but lord, their units are battle hardened and disciplined while many of out men are raw recruits.

Captain, you are right about this.

Very wel mylord what will you do about it?

Captian, First I want to make sure we do not lose everything we have. Our archers will only fight till they sustain losses and retreat quickly. Our infantry will start intersperced with arhcers lin loose formation to keep the losses low. Our infantry is very strong, the helbardeers do not die easily and should fight till blood is drawn. Only if they engage the frontline will they be able to de damage. The wedge and Murderous settings will do that for us.

Well mylord, the last 3 battles were a sound defeat, what makes you think this will be different.

Captain, They were, as sure as night follows the day. But that does not mean we are not learning. If the war has tought us one thing it is that spreading out makes us the easiest target. A was of manoevre on the defence leads to disaster time and time again. We will risk it and see if we can wrest Neralle from their control before they strike Their movement is likely to be limited as is ours because of the wintertime.

Very well Mylord, Lets see this done!

Brief the men and make sure they follow the settings.

Aye My Lord, The hammers word is our command.

24th December

Summer Evening -- Taselak

Swenja Velaryon

Swenja finished her daily routine of practicing with sword and climbed the parapets of Taselak. Down below she could see the assembled banners that now graced the Black Army of Taselak. Their men were dressed in black leather and black scale armor and planted their banners around their camps.

Bren DeGrey, a young knight of a family without any heraldry or known sigil had only black banners in his camp. The shields of Lord Gildas' soldiers had engraved white wolves - a family sigil of House Camlann - whilst their color was dominantly green with a touch of gold. The quartered white-blue flags of Lady Iris Ketchum's long-ranged bowmen were resting patiently, honing their skills and shielding the illustrious banner of the golden eagle in the center of their camp. Jocelyn Hensley, a young Lady of the King's Court was represented by a magnificient sable stallion on a purple-white background. Kulvax of House Poe had his insignia etched into the capes of his men - blackened cloth with a mix of white, depicting a golden bell. Lastly, there was Renato Bragança, whose stark men were poised to defend their golden unicorn on the red-white till the last.

Swenja was well aware the mission they were charged with was difficult. As she learned numerous times back home - it was difficult to stop the rising tide. But she enjoyed hunting and killing, so she took the marshalship with zest and glee. She saluted her captain and retreated to her room. A good night's rest was always a good way to start a new campaign.

Meliodas Raveneye

Meliodas quietly observes his comrades in arms training in the city of Taselak. He keeps his sword low as he continues sparring and pushing his men to be ready for the impending battle. "The Raven's Crest shall not be befallen. We must make it back to Silverdale Hold with each and every one of you!" The troupe cheers and continues to spar. Eventually night time comes and the soldiers begin to rest and take to their quarters. Meliodas follows suit closing his eyes and letting sleep overcome his body. Preparation has begun for the Raven's Crest.

Kraken Snodaert

Kraken looked at the eager you man. Ser Melodias from Belus, He had come to arms at a time when his lord torain was imprisoned by the enemy. Days after the battle of Neralle that had een the desintegration of the army of the Hammer. It seemed like a long time ago and many of the knights had foun themselves new units, small but growing stronger by the day. The black banner had united the most alert nobles while others equally stalward but sometimes distracted remained under the Banner of the Hammer. Melodias would serve under the Hammers banner for a week at least. When his basic training was finished, he would have his choice of armies and gather the honor and the prestige worthy of a lord in his own right.