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May 3rd - Cirannor

"I'll allow you first blood, Ma'am." Veni says through a grin at the new Warmind, Scein.

He held out a hand towards the village before them, the other floating in the air behind her back, the barest of his touch could be felt between both warrior's armour.

He leans in with a whisper to her ear, but as to what was said? No mortal ears heard.

Scein pursed her lips for a long moment, considering the master smith's words in light of her new responsibilities. Then the icy demeanour which had so long seemed to grip her since the events of Moeth field and the paths beyond seemed to melt away and a huge, infectious belly-roar of a laugh erupted from her sinewy frame.

"You know my temper all too well Lord Venienti. I have no mind but for war. No will but for victory. I am the just fury of Taselak incarnate and in this I sense we share the strongest bond my friend. Just as this steel I wear joins our skills, so the fire which burns within joins our purpose."

Turning to the knights nearby assembled she addressed them, with unusual levity.

"There are traitors here in Cirannor who gladly opened their hearts and purses to the enemy, knowing full well that such a betrayal would cost many lives amongst their kin and countrymen. Some have done this for personal gain, others because they worship the cult of Sandalak and conspire in secret against all which is noble and decent. I don't know about you, but I find such a betrayal unconscionable."

"It's our clear duty as nobles to mete justice whenever we see evidence of wrongdoing, and today we see ample. We see strange flags and the symbols of wickedness wherever our eyes turn, and beneath them a loyal remnant cowering in fear of the bloody rites their new masters impose."

"Gird your loins my friends, we have bloody work to do here today. Bloody work indeed. We will purge the taint with utmost severity, as a surgeon severs all trace of a gangrenous wound - for only with such severity can the patient be saved."

"Your troops are to visit every house and smallholding in Cirannor, to interrogate its occupants, and to ensure the full measure of justice is exacted from any who aided the Sandalak cause. Leave no stone unturned, no barn unsearched, no traitor unexecuted. Let those who trade in darkness and deceit feel the full fury of justice. The full fury of the Law of Taselak."

"And when we have finished let no man forget that this land is Taselak!"