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6th June

Sunrise - Taselak

Sons and daughters of Taselak, a host falls upon us such has never been since this land slipped beneath the waves. Look on their garish banners and their burnished harnesses, shining brightly in the hot summer sun. Be not dismayed my friends, for such is their fear of you that they take league together. Oh how their hearts must quake, to thus feign gentle sentiment with those they would devour? Tonight Death shall sup his full on their flesh, raising many a sobbing orphan 'ere break of day.

For those who will share their fate, let none dishonour your memory. All things must end, even the glorious stars will pass away. There is no dishonour in a death fairly purchased, nor in a just cause mendaciously refuted. To the victory certainly the spoils, but the Gods see all and hold the truth in their hearts. So sharpen your steel and steady your nerve, tonight you stand for Queen Sorach and our honoured dead.

For Taselak! For Queen Sorach!

​TO WAR!!!