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House Dodger

House Dodger originates from the forestlands bordering the city of Enlod on the Dark Isle, north of the Far East Island. Their standard is a stark black banner with no emblem.

Arcachon-icon.png Fae

Fae is a strange woman, a witch or shamaness of some kind, about whom little is known. She is the matriarch of her house, although she takes little active role in its political maneuvering. She is extremely old and dresses very shabbily, is short and stooped and walks with a stick. Yet she is very intimidating and has a tendency to unnerve even courageous warriors.

Note: Fae is strictly an RP character, and is not played as a noble (or adventurer) in game terms. She presently lives in Arcachon on the Far East.

Arcachon-icon.png John

John is a young noble, chosen by Fae to lead the House despite her own seeming lack of respect for his intelligence and ability.

His younger years were spent as a waylayer and bandit, and he built himself a large force of men along with the Ecsetuan Shintuk Geg, which they call the Khalkar. His fighting units are generally drawn from their number, and they often serve other members of his House.

Upon taking up his role as a Knight of Enlod, John swiftly rose to some prominence within the realm of Arcachon by earning the title of Count of Ecsetuah, defeating the nobles Grugtar and Saban in a challenge of arms for command of the region. He later founded and marshaled an army, the Army of Shadows, for the realm. However, he has fallen foul of the powerful priesthood.

Due to some ongoing frustration with the realm of Arcachon, John chose to leave the Isle for a life of piracy aboard his black-sailed ship the Raven's Wing. He claimed that his many-month voyage took him in a long circle back to the Isle, so either his navigation skills are poor or he circumnavigated the globe.

His return to Arcachon came at around the time of an invasion by Sartania, and John chose to remain in his homeland to fight back the invaders.

Note: Presently active, in Arcachon on FEI.


Kilhorn is John's cousin and Habbo's son. A big, strong young man, he has a strangely brownish skin tone which is darker than most natives of the Dark Isle. He took the long journey across the sea to the South-East Isle, where he fought for Taselak. He and his archers, the Hawks of Enlod--which included some members of John's Khalkar--fought in many battles during the pitched war there. He later became an Infiltrator, and was captured, imprisoned, and later banned by Ikalak during an assassination attempt on one of their nobles. After that, he decided it was a good time to leave and continue his career in Valentia on the Beluaterra.

John privately seems to dislike Kilhorn, although he enjoys reading Kilhorn's letters about the wars of the South-East. He has also hinted to some people that there was something strange about Kilhorn's conception and birth.

Note: Presently active, in Valentia on Beluaterra.

Arcachon-icon.png Habbo

Habbo, John's uncle and Kilhorn's father, is a strange little man. He is extremely ugly, with huge bulging eyes, bowed legs, and warts. He also began his career as a coward and seems to be rather stupid; he wet his pants upon being accosted by King Corey of Antoza.

Despite his faults, he was sent by John to represent the House in the Antoza Commonwealth, a realm of the Far East far to the south of his home in the Dark Isle. Habbo was not expecting to find himself in the midst of a raging war, but he held himself up rather well nonetheless.

Upon Antoza's eventual defeat at Anacan by the combined forces of seven realms, Habbo was one of the few nobles who stood up for the Commonwealth. Most of the other nobles either defected to other realms or committed suicide. He became the "last man standing" in the desperate defense of the capital city Taop, where he took a massive blow to the head which seems to have changed his personality. While he was once cowardly, he is now overconfident; considering himself a Hero, he now throws himself into danger at every opportunity.

When the new leadership of Antoza accepted a peace agreement that Habbo found unacceptable, he emigrated to Valentia on the Beluaterra. Finding that realm rather boring for his taste, Habbo was glad to respond to the summons of the leader of his House and return to his homeland to defend it from invasion.

Habbo is attended at nearly all times by a resourceful commoner named Merrit, who seems to function in place of Habbo's missing competence.

Note: Presently active, in Arcachon on the Far East.

Arcachon-icon.png Merrit

A young commoner and member of the Khalkar, Merrit was sent along with Habbo to Antoza by John. He is essentially Habbo's attendant, but his role is far more important than that. While Habbo is incapable of maintaining his armed men, estate, or correspondence with the realm, Merrit is a resourceful young man who handles all these things for him. Since Merrit is not of noble blood, he must quietly and subtly remain as the real power behind Habbo Dodger.

Since Habbo's decisive change of personality, Merrit finds him harder and harder to keep under control. Where he once kept Habbo organized and competent (and prevented him from fainting at battles), it now takes all his effort to keep Habbo from getting all his men killed in some wild attempt at glory.

Note: Merrit is strictly an RP character, and is not played as a noble (or adventurer) in game terms. He presently accompanies Habbo in Arcachon on the Far East. He is not a member of House Dodger.