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Enoch "the Bright": A slender and unassuming figure, he has a pleasant air about him and an inviting smile.



Enoch was born to a modest noble house on the East Continent. His family house, in the historical realm of Perdan, afforded him a wealth of information and study. During his youth, he would often prefer reading the philosophies of the long-dead rather than games swinging sticks at the living. In this, he developed a love of law and order, yet his heart was not pure enough for such lofty ideas. As he grew, so did his malice.

The boy had no regard for others. Trapped in his thoughts of what is and what should be, he grew to what should have been a social pariah. Yet the boy was clever. In tongue and act, he could mold opinion and anticipate the paths of others. It afforded him much delight, to use such gifts against those he thought were against him. The boy grew to be a man, and once he had, he went to Dwilight to seek his fortune.


Upon arrival to the expansive land, he joined in the efforts to build a new realm. The Republic of Swordfell was formed through coordination between its mother realms; Morek and Luria. As a knight of the emptied city of Flowrestown, Swordfell became his homeland. A Republic built on a code of honor, and the pledge that they were Swordfell's..and that Swordfell was theirs. In the first breaths of Swordfell, there were also gasps.

Duke Sevastian, awarded the task of making first claim of soverignty, kept the reigns of power that had been previously agreed to Lord Bowie. After a series of protests, public discord, and uncertainty; Duke Abbigal was first formally elected Ruler of Swordfell, rather than the two.

She had been his Duke, and the first person Enoch had met in Dwilight. He had fallen in love far before she had been granted even higher station. Her increased power seduced him, perhaps just as much as the woman herself had. Upon a social gathering, he pledged himself in a manner beyond his pledge of fealty.

Taking her aside to a private garden at Casino Ironsides, and after much wine, stole a kiss from his Imperatrice. He pledged his love, was smacked, and she told him of her commitment to a Sir Creed. He was left to himself in the garden. After increasing his consumption of alcohol, he stumbled upon Lord Bowie's Mystic Cult, boarded and hidden away in the garden.

Over time, Enoch probed at Lord Bowie for his illegal foundation of a church in Swordfell. He was dutiful to the church of his love, Sanguis Astroism, for it was the official religion for the peasantry. Nobles were granted their own faiths, but they could not be spread. Enoch had found a friend in Bowie, and kept his tongue. He was more absorbed in how to steal the Lady Abbigal's heart.

Upon one day the Lady Abbigal took sick. Found alone in a temple of Sanguis Astroism, she had fallen into a coma or a trance. From this, she did not wake, and Enoch became enraged and despondent. In his rage, he blamed the church for taking his love. He vowed vengeance.


It was then that he became the scion to the Rogue Mystic. Through his vengeance, and his friend Bowie, he found refuge in work towards the cult of Mysticism. He kept up his membership to the church of Sanguis Astroism, but for the express purpose of seeing it suffer. He continued dutiful work for Swordfell, but led a double life inside the halls of the church that killed his love.

At one point, an emissary from the church came to Swordfell to investigate rumors of Mysticism. Elder Jonsu came and attempted to oust the cult. Going so far as to question Enoch in his relation with Bowie, who she alleged was its head. She left empty handed, and her efforts were cut short when she was declared heretic by the church and driven off.

After some time, the church was faced with crises. A crusade for the holy state of Terran was made, the theocracy of Niselur cast off its duty to the church, and Enoch went on pilgrimage. Bidding farewell to Swordfell for some time, he started toward the First Temple in Morek. Taking gold from its treasury, he left the Temple and built a gathering place for Mysticism in the land allotted to him for his stay. He then joined the crusaders in their war on Libero. There, he killed followers of Sanguis Astroism who killed other followers of Sanguis Astroism, all in the name of the church.

After a time, he left from Morek and sought Darfix. The holy city, closest to the stars, was under the reign of Niselur, who the theocracies warred against. Although offers of pilgrimage had been made by its king, Enoch made holy communion after sacking Darfix alongside the army of Astrum. Once finished, he head to the city of Mimer in Corsanctum; home of the prophet. His time there was uneventful. He nurtured dissent, built gathering places for his cult, and returned home having appeared as nothing more than a friendly face.

After some quiet solitude in his mountain homeland, the prophet of Sanguis Astroism died. Enoch had enjoyed a Consul seat as an Elder of Sanguis Astroism, but had done little more than smile and nod. It was when calls for the Regency were made, that Enoch did more than smile and nod. He took the head of his enemy.


After a lackluster campaign, and a dispute on its vote, Enoch became Regent of Sanguis Astroism. There, he did little public works, but made appearances as necessary. It was his private works that consumed him, and it was that private work that began to consume the church.

The Crusade had turned towards bad fortune. Enoch worked toward this aim, cleverly leaking information during diplomatic talks, blocking or aggravating things that would further their distress. Yet he was careful. He wanted them to suffer with hope, as he had in his spurned love. It was when talks of an inquisition of heretics was made in the eldership, that Enoch began preparation for his vengeance.

As the Regent, and with the prophet dead, Enoch was the spiritual head of Sanguis Astroism. When he held a public gathering, announced that the Lady Jonsu was the prophet reborn, he had anticipated some disagreement. The peasantry, the foundation of the church, would yield to him for he was leader of the church. Yet the priests and elders were affronted. Although she had been an Elder, Jonsu had been excommunicated and declared heretic after posturing for power inside the church. Yet, without the prophet, Enoch had become the path to the Stars for many people, trusted as the voice of the first prophet. Thus he started the reign of The Heretic Jonsu.

It was the feeling of helplessness, that hope was lost, that Enoch wanted them to feel. Like he did, when he could do nothing for Abbigal's coma. He had given the church to its enemies, a great jest, for only Jonsu had ever tried to save the church from Mysticism. Jonsu enacted her own vengeance, and Enoch left for Asylon in order to protect his Republic from blame.


Before the announcement of the new prophet, Enoch had begun experimentation with a strong psychedelic concoction. With the aid of an alchemist, a mixture (including bloodmoon fruit and distilled diviner's sage) was made and first experienced in Flowrestown. For more than a week, Enoch was missing. His recollection was of empty streets of Flowrestown, reminiscent of his first sight of the city. Yet Flowrestown had grown from a depopulated ghosttown, to a thriving cacophony. Enoch assumed that a god of emptiness had taken residence in the city and still lingered. The alchemist had also taken a dose with Enoch, and was never heard from again.

After the announcement of the prophet, Enoch stopped by a small uninhabited island off the sea of silence during his journey. There, he took a second dose of Ambrosia, and communed with a new god. A strange being naming itself the Metatron, assured him that he had found patronage by the gods of the upper realms. He had made an exchange on the Soul Trade, a kind of metaphysical patronage exchange. The weakening of the Bloodstar god had brought lesser gods to Enoch, for they coveted the worship granted to the Bloodstars.

In the Mountains of Remorse, Enoch partook of a third dose, and had his followers join him for their first dose. Recalling those slain by their deeds, they sought knowledge of themselves through the ramifications of their dead. Assaulted by horror of what they had done, they knew themselves. The god of remorse struck his deal, and granted Enoch sight beyond vision. An unexpected consequence of this was the stirring of beasts and dead. It was then that all the west continent became uninhabitable, because the god of remorse granted retribution to the slain of Dwilight as apart of Enoch's Deal.

Returning to the eastern landmass, blending in with the chaos of the migrations from the invasion, Enoch returned to Swordfell. Returning to Flowrestown, he took his fourth dose. There, at the beginning of his journey, he was granted sight of the end of his journey. The Metatron, created out of the shared interest of the lesser gods, was in fact Enoch. Through advocacy purchased on the Soul Trade, he would be a god himself upon his death. When Enoch returned to the senses taken by Ambrosia, he found himself back on the road to Flowrestown, having never entered the city. Yet he wore the ancient blood vest, bequeathed to him by his divine self in his vision.


After some time, Enoch began reinvesting himself into his home-realm. Seeking the 'martial valor' demanded by the Fellish Code of Nobility, Enoch reformed the military with purpose-oriented armies with great support from the Fellish. Going as far as taking Flying Horgns while it was in anarchy, he led the first militant expansion of Swordfell from its historical borders.

Upon success, he was elected Imperator and reconfirmed as General. Once in command, he found that the diplomacy of Swordfell had been stolen away from the public by Duke/Ambassador Robin and his royal supporters. In a realm where transparency and public will were expressly protected by law, Enoch went to the Fellish public body with the information of its corruption. Calling for trial on Robin, a heated public debate ensued. In retaliation, Duke Robin announced a vote of no confidence in Enoch as Imperator.

The trial concluded with Robin being declared innocent of all crimes, even those made during the trial itself. The vote of no confidence declared no confidence in Enoch, and asked him to step down. Dismayed by the corruption of law, Enoch declared himself Duke of Sol. Although against tradition, no law forbade such acts. When approached about it as an abuse after the vote of no confidence, Enoch claimed his appointment legitimate. Going as far as to say that if law cannot be upheld, that tradition is forfeit.

Enoch was then banned, without trial or crime. Dismayed by the corruption of his homeland by sycophants and political nepotism, he journeyed to the Dessert of Silhouettes. There, during his trek across the desert as a rogue mystic, he saw what had become of the west. Clairvoyance flashed into him, showing him each city and region as if he were there, and was gone as quickly as it had occurred.