Dishman Family

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The Dishman family can be traced to a lost family the "Dismon" of the Atamara continent. Information of this old family is scattered at best, and largely only an oral history survives. It is said the family succumbed to madness caused by plague, although no proof can be offered. Lost for almost 50 Battlemasterran years, remnants of the old family regained their title under a new name and established themselves in the East Continent at Eldoret.

Current Living Members

The patriarch, Eoman, lived out his days with his wife Lilum in leisure.They have three sons, who have pursued military careers, Eoric, Enoch, and Emeric. No notable achievements can be attributed to Eoman, but rumors abound of illegitimate children between him and women of ill repute (most notably, one such man roaming the Obsidian Islands).

Eoric is currently serving as Lord of Dimwood for Perdan, near his family's home.

Enoch is currently attempting a personal crusade in Dwilight.

Emeric is currently serving entropy in Atamara.

It is said that the bastard in the islands name is "Willy".

It is said that a warrior woman named "Dredia" in Beluterra claims Dismon heritage.

It is said that a wandering swordsman named "Roland" has Dismon heritage in Dwilight.

Death of Eoman

Eoman was slain by his illegitimate son soon after sending his noble sons into military service. His body was sent to his ancestors in a pyre witnessed by Eoric, Emeric, Lilum, the extended family, and the retainers of the house.