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Death Knights - Ordo Mors Militus

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The Death Knights are an order of Knights, founded by the new realm of Gothica, in late 2016, after the destruction of their former realm of Giblot Magnum at the hands of the Daemon worshipping realm of Outer Tilog. The purpose of the order was to create a group of knights even more savage and disciplined than the invading daemon worshippers, in order to bind together the new realm. Since those early days the order has expanded its scope and reach to beyond the realm of Gothica. It is now an independent entity that exists for its own purposes and power.

Core Beliefs

The basic ethos of a Death Knight is the resolute acceptance of Death. They accept the inevitability of Death as warriors and in many ways consider themselves dead already. This frees them to become ruthless killers without fear, doubt or mercy. The Death Knights are also an arcane order, using Drugs, and lethal Magics to strengthen their bodies and abilities. They value the use of magic and magic items and every Death Knight will wish to own at least one such item. Moreover, the lands where the Death Knights originated have deep traditions of Necromancy and Demon Worship, therefore Death Knights also draw on these traditions to strengthen their powers and bodies. Their only goal is to seek glory in battle, enhance their abilities, and gain Power and Prestige for themselves and their Order.

Death knights are not necessarily evil, in that they can serve noble causes, but they are ruthless and violent in the extreme, in pursuit of those goals. Many Death knights are subject to the Blood Rage which sends them berserk and immune to pain during battle.

Runesmith Armourers

Death Knight Priests are known as Runesmith Armourers (Runelord Armourers if they are Elders). They forge the Eldritch Armour and Weapons for a Death Knight, and they also help Armour the soul of the Death Knight against the weaknesses of Doubt, Fear and Mercy.


Primarch (Head of the order)
Runelord Armourer (Priest Elder)
Death Lord (Non-Priest Elder)
Runesmith Armourer (Priest)
Dread Champion
Huscarl (Commoner)

Battle Cries

"Kill! Kill! Blood makes the Grass Grow!"
"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"
"The only Mercy is Death!"
"Death within! Death without!"
"Repent and Die!"

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