Da Chimeres Family

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The origins of the Da Chimeres family are unknown, and the only person ever known to use the name was Alexei da Chimeres. He stranded in Outer Tilog some time ago, but refuses to talk about his family. It is rumoured he has family somewhere and he fled to Outer Tilog to hide from the forces of justice there, but where these family members are located is unknown. It could be that the name 'da chimeres' is in fact a false name used by Alexei to avoid attention. Or it could be that other family members have changed their names to sever all ties with Alexei for obvious reasons.

Alexei is known for odd experiments in genetics and biology, but if this is a universal truth with all members of this family is unknown at this time. Alexei is rumoured to have been talking about a Mordecai da Chimeres, who was a sheepherder. But whether this refers to a family member or a random person is not certain.

Family Members: