Cursed Parchment

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Type Book
Discovered By Newton
Discovery Date January 26, 2021
Discovery Location Grentzen, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Emissary of the Damned

03-23-2021 = Obtained by the Emissary of the Damned hidden deep within her disrespectful prisoner: Halcyon knight Alec Moore. Unfortunately, rumors of what happened that night circulated beyond the dungeons of Arak Castle, spreading fear and horror among the civilized nobles and their uppity circles. As a result some call it the 'Cursed Parchment of Defilement', or simply, the Defiled Parchment.

"You descend down into the dungeons, where prisoners of the realm are held.

Pretending to speak of something private with your prisoner, you dismiss the guards and enter the cell alone, searching through every portion of Alec's body carefully for quite a while. Finally, your efforts bear fruit - the Cursed Parchment this unique item now belongs to you and you alone. Your "secret" robbery is, however, still witnessed by some damn guards while you are on your way out, and your Honour is tainted by a loss of 3 points."