Covenant of the Undying

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There is nothing after life,
You are born into the curse,
Which only the undying can lift.
Mors Principium Est.



The Eternal Lich King is the only deity known to walk freely upon this plane; His powers both immeasurable and undeniable.

It is not by fear that we serve His Unholiness the Eternal Lich King. By His will we are liberated - snatched from Death's maw and offered a series of choices in accordance with our knowledge, abilities, and will:

In exchange for undying fealty, He might grant you a fragment of His power, as all His subjects are given. There is an exchange, you see: a part of Him bound to what's left of us. The Undying thus become One with His Unholiness.

We are given a second chance at [un]life for so long as our slow-rotting corpse and fading consciousness remains intact. His Unholiness does not deny us the right to choose our own path. How we best serve Him is our choice and ours alone.

We, the Court of the Undying - His adopted children - were given that choice.

By His grace we are granted the option of eternal Unlife rather than slowly fade into the infinite silent abyss of nothingness. Or worse, of course. Some Daemons, for example, are wont to commit unfathomable atrocities upon the Human soul...

Know then my origin and rejoice:

I, Emissary of the Damned, could've remained some withered corpse rotting in a shallow grave; murdered by an envious lover.

Instead I became His Emissary; Baroness of the Arakir; Arbiter of His eternal law; Watcher upon His domain; where I touch the very heavens from the heights of the Pinnacle of Dread.

My power is greater than I could have ever imagined possible in life. I am honored by the gifts He granted me.

Fear is for common man yet shackled to their mortal coil. It is by Death's Covenant the Undying are set free.


The Undying Archive

Here we store various stories and sermons shared by our priests, His Unholiness and our dear Emissary, that will shed further light onto the secrets of the undying.

Rankings, duties and powers

  • Emissary of the Damned - Founder
  • Prophet of the Damned - chosen high priests with the blessing of the undying to lead the covenant as its leaders
  • Arbiter of Doomed Portent - Judge / Ambassadors
  • Unweaver of the Mortal Coil - General
  • Sepulcheral Keeper of Necropolis - Banker / Bonecounters
  • Prolocutor of His Deliverance - Elder Council / Court of the Undying
  • Champion of His Unholy Covenant - Chosen Champions / Tournament Victors
  • Tendril of Pestilential Dread - Blessed Assassins (Infiltrators)
  • Despoiler of Forgotten Souls - Unholy Warriors (Knights/Cavaliers/Heroes)
  • Envoy of Blasphemous Lament - Orderlies of the Undying Court
  • Acolyte of the Blasphemous Path - Unblooded Convenant Initiates

Notable locations

  • Arak Castle - His Unholiness, the Lich King's home and the location of the first temple, this location is impassable and not ment for mortal souls.
  • Wetham - A temple summoned by His Unholiness himself, much like the first temple at Arak Castle. It is believed to hold special powers, being a source of undying magic.
  • Giblot - Giblot holds one of the first large communities in a city. Its the first major temple built after Arak Castle. The Duke of Darkness was converted by Silenus and the rest is history.
  • Alebad - Second or first temple built in a large city, built after striking a deal with His Unholiness to be spared by his armies.