Chamberlain Roleplays: The Fire in Perdan

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Roleplay from Lorelai Chamberlain

It was easy to make her way to the fires, she simply skirted the edges of the crowds pouring from the area. The click of hooves and the fox sigil of Vice Marshal Daarios horse came into view through a smokey haze. She assumed the injured man to be one of the knights captains. Clearly injured. Sir Daario himself was guiding the horse forward.

"Daario, what's going on?" She planted a calming hand on the horses flank. "Your man has been hurt? I hope it is not too badly?."

Daario cast his eyes back to a cloaked youth travelling in his wake, seeming to defer to the lad rather than offering an answer.

Puzzled she took his hand. "Please tell me this wasn't Apollyon..." after Derek she was dreading that she knew the answer.

Roleplay from Lorelai Chamberlain

Her stomach dropped, as she realised the youth was Aila Storme. Even in such disastrous circumstances she had to resist her eyes natural inclination to roll as the tiny voice in what she realised now was a Kings rainment, yapped her orders at good Daario. Typical, Perdan burned, her Knight burned, and off she would trot with a full military escort to a palace built by better men and women.

In moments where she could bear to contemplate the little woman before her, she knew that were they ever to unite, the World would shudder and fall.... fortunately for the world that was a majorly unlikely scenario to happen.

She had the decency not to press the point and place Sir Daario in even more an uncomfortable position than Aila was pursuing.... childish to the last. Her eyes narrowed and she shook her head.

"No matter Sir Daario... I can see you have your.... ah... duties."

She strode past the limping posse following the trail of smouldering purple flames. Passing Aila she tilted her head without fully looking at her: "Lady Storme," she greeted moving past.

Roleplay from Aila Storme

Does she warn her or does she not, Lorelai is the same age as Aila and no massive lady, would she just let her walk straight into danger or try to make her come too. As Lorelai greets her by her lady name Aila winces a certain look of indecision "Marshal!"

The Duchess struggles with being gentle at the best of times, so soon after being assaulted and frankly traumatized she had the look anyone who had been to war would recognize as an archer who got far closer to something than she should have. "The City guard have the situation in hand, it's not safe..."

Stuck between the indecision of it all Aila finally breaks down- Lorelai knows what is back there without having to be told and Aila knows there nothing she can do but level with the woman she found behaved so terribly.

"He wounded Sir Oliver, he tried to murder me. He wanted to I could see it in his eyes. " That same King's raiment was parted at the collar for Lorelai to to see the evidence, an ugly blotch of red and purple on her neck where a man's hand had clearly been wrenched on tightly.

"He will kill you if he sees you. If you must go after him, don't get close. Even if he beckons you so. It is a trap. Please just come with us, let my archers handle it quickly. "

Roleplay from Oliver Laststar

From his horse, he sways lightheadedly as the group waits on Aila to finish speaking with Lorelai in turn. He clutches a hand to his side to stem at least some of the blood, and peers ahead to see whoever this person is she hails. I don't know anyone here. He thinks irritatedly to himself and scowls in pain.

"It's true... Lady Marshal." His voice is soft, and light, though he tries to speak up for them to hear. Oliver knows not else what to call this woman on the road. "There's a mad man down at the docks... I had to fight him off Aila," He manages to forget titles and decorum for the moment, tired and piss-stained as he is. "-You should listen to her."

Though even as he tries to say it, the woman moves on anyway just at that second.

Roleplay from Apollyon Daubeney

Apollyon felt the darkness lift from his mind and her heard a whisper on the wind “Behold, the destruction you have wrought.”


He felt the heat, he turned back to the city, his home, his friends, family, it was all burning.

He fell to his knees “No, no no, no please, please why.”

He looked back over his shoulder where he saw the ghostly figure standing, he whirled around and screamed “I DIDN’T WANT THIS, I DIDN T WANT THE LEGION, I JUST WANTED MY LIFE BACK, WHY ABBY, WHY DID YOU HVAE TO COME BACK!”

He sobbed, clutching at his head “Why couldn’t you have let live in peace, I just wanted peace, nothing else, I just a life, a life without the legion.”

He was broken, his spirit shattered, his will broken. “What have I done, what have I DONE.”

He felt the darkness begin to shroud him “Sssh, you done suffering yet, wretch.”