Brutal Broadsword

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Type Weapon
Discovered By Hogni the Undying
Discovery Date 2017-11-28
Discovery Location Hilly Holes, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Hogni the Undying

After searching the area for 3 hours, following trails and noises, Hogni finally encountered several groups of monsters. Hogni noticed that they had a leader, an alpha monster, a really big and ugly one, whatever you want to call it. Because he was close to home and familiar with the lay of the land, Hogni are able to use the terrain to his advantage. The battle rages, Hogni against the monsters. His blows landed true and he struck most of them down, while a few manage to flee. The big one was the last to fall, but after an exhausting fight Hogni manage to take him down, too. In the lair of the big one, Hogni found treasures worth a total of 2 gold, 4 silver.

He also find a unique item among the loot, the "Brutal Broadsword".