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The Barek Family

The Barek Family is a relatively minor noble family from the Linhai Region, Xinhai, part of the Duchy of Donghaiwei.

The patriarch of the family, Charn son of Hroth, is a landless noble, the family fortunes being lost generations ago.

The oldest Barek children, the young man, Gilles, and his younger twins, Maurus and Svelda, have set out in search of glory, and of making a name for themselves, and for the Barek Family.

Sadly, there are some pages missing or illegible, from the families histories. A note has been made when there are gaps due to this.

Gilles, the eldest son (deceased)

Gilles is a bold and impetuous young man who is most comfortable on a horse, and with a sword in his hand. He seeks the patronage of a Lord or Lady in Xinhai, and has been dispatched to bring battle to monsters which are roaming the land.

on 10/15/09, Gilles and his troops who call themselves The Brave Ones, took part in a small battle in Fatexna against rogue forces. Gilles and the other nobles of Xinhai were victorious.

on 10/16/09 and 10/17/09, Gilles and the Brave Ones took part in a series of battles in Fatexna against a group of vicious monsters. There were some casualties, but the forces of Xinhai were finally victorious.

(missing pages from the family history during this time. We do know that Gilles left Xinhai and traveled briefly through Raivan, and then on to Thulsoma where he was knighted and served for a brief period. While still sworn to Thulsoma, he left to the Libero Empire. He was banned from Thulsoma and made a rogue, before swearing to a Lord in Libero.)

(Scribes note: Only in the first few days were such careful records kept. The rest of these records are based on more easily accessible information)

Gilles returned to Xinhai after his time in Libero. Soon after, Xinhai became the Morek Empire, and Gilles sought a life in the shadows. He was accepted into an exclusive order, and worked to train and practice the ways of the infiltrator. After some time, he set out to put his meager skills to the test. While in Storms End, within Thulsoma, his curiosity got the better of him, and he decided that he would help their tax assessor count the provinces gold. He was captured and thrown into prison.

For a few days he waited in the cell, before he was brought forth and executed by their judge, Haruka Vanimedle.

Maurus, the second son, twin of Svelda

Maurus is a thoughtful and determined lad, seeking his father's favor, and finding a place for himself in the world. He has traveled to the Far East, to Papania, where he seeks to bring honor to his family. Maurus is still young and his heart longs for his homeland and his family.

on 10/15/09, Maurus accepted an oath of fealty from Ethan Adlai Merric, Baron of Semon.

on 10/17/09, Maurus and his men, the Red Stags, together with the local militia, defeated a group of undead in Isular.

Maurus and his soldiers, as well as other nobles of Papania, Arcaea, Arcachon, Ohnar West and Cathay, marched to Pates, within the realm of Cathay to defend from the forces of Soliferum. On 10/24/09, battle was joined. The defenders were outnumbered, the attackers brought nearly 1,000 infantry and half that many arches, along with cavalry and special units faced the defenders, who had fewer than 700 infantry, 200 archers, and 100 special forces. Numerous nobles from both sides were wounded, including Dohmer Smithwick, Duke of Hatdhes, Maurus Barek (Knight of Semon, Papania), Goffrey Massey, Duke of Topenah, Rowan MacGregor (Knight of Cutnipaniel, Soliferum), Alexander King (Lord of Soliferum), Ray Zymolin, Countess of Ecsetuah, Merlin Quincey, High Marshal of the Crown of Cathay, Avery McGowan (Knight of Idaol, Soliferum), Excalibur Quincey (Knight of Lenamaziel, Cathay), and Dany Darevyn, Baron of Apelen. While others were captured by the Soliferum forces, including Baeldigur Ward (Knight of Colasan, Cathay) and Shintuk Geg (Lord of Papania). Maurus was also wounded, and the Red Stags were wiped out during the battle. He escaped capture and after being healed, he followed the battered forces back to the north and east.

(missing pages from the family history during this time. We have reconstructed that during this two month period, Papania made peace with Soliferum and removed herself from the war. Maurus was placed in the Internal Security army, and in early December, Maurus was made Marshal of the Homeland Security Army.)

In the weeks following the warfare and Papania's withdrawal from the fighting, politics within the realm took an odd turn. Some forces of Papania attacked small forces of Arcachon and Arcaea, which were passing through Papanian territory on their way to the front. The King of Papania, Remorse Noble, claimed that he had repeatedly warned the other realms not to violate Papanian territory, but that he was ignored. In response, he declared war upon Arcaea and Arcachon. Very soon, the small armies of Papania were hard pressed, and then Ohnar West declared war upon Papania. During this time, Maurus was selected as Judge and General of Papania. He led the forces as best he could, while seeking to broker some manner of peace with the leaders of the surrounding realms. He realized that Lord Remorse would have to leave Papania if there was any hope of peace.

Finally, after days of battle, the small realm of Papania had lost a number of provinces to its advancing adversaries, and despite having achieved at least one surprising victory against Ohnar West under Maurus' command, Lord Remorse left the realm. Still, it was too late. Ohnar West had their eyes set upon Ossaet, and other realms wished to pick and choose from the remnants of Papania. Maurus had been elected as Baron if Isular, and when Papania's fall was certain, he took Isular to Ohnar West. They would not remain there long. Due to the food politics, Isular would go to Arcaea. And so under Maurus' leadership, Isular joined with Arcaea.

Maurus quietly oversaw Isular for a time. When the war against Soliferum experienced some setbacks, Maurus took it upon himself to again take up the sword and he rode with the armies of Arcaea south to do battle. It was while he was absent from Isular that the province revolted, throwing off Maurus' reign and that of Arcaea. After some difficult political decisions, Isular went to the realm of Cathay, while Maurus remained in Arcaea. For a short time, he was aimless, but soon used his skills to become a diplomat, and soon as appointed as Ambassador of Arcaea, specifically to negotiate with Ohnar West during the recently launched war against Arcachon over the contested Duchy of Niel. It was during this time that Maurus made a name for himself in Arcaea and elsewhere, helping to see that Ohnar West remained neutral but favoring Arcaea, and also helping to begin a brokered peace between Arcaea and Arcachon.

During this time he was entrusted with the province of Irneas on the far east coast of the continent. As peace settled in between Arcaea and Arcachon, Maurus set his time and energy to bringing the culture and rule of Arcaea to the province. It was difficult, as the province had been ruled by no realm for quite some time, and it took weeks and in fact months before the province was in any semblance of order.

During this time, Maurus established the Society of Stewards, a group which dedicated its time and energies to diplomacy and communications amongst the realms of the Far East.

When the Duchal seat of Nocaneb became vacant, Maurus was appointed to the post.

Svelda, the eldest daughter, twin of Maurus

Svelda, competitive and cunning, has taken residence in the Cagilan Empire on Atamara. She has found the patronage of Pikku Jonkahainen, Duke of Calis, and is working to gain favor within his court.

on 10/13/09, Svelda accepted an oath of fealty from Pikku Jonkahainen, Duke of Calis.

on 10/22/09, Svelda participated in a victorious battle against monsters in Lakota.

(missing pages from the family history during this time. Our research though, leads us to the understanding that during this two month gap, Svelda took part in battles against Falasan and Minas Ithil. On at least one occasion, her forces were wiped out by a superior foe, and she narrowly avoided death or capture. She was apparently able to return to Caligan where she enlisted a new group of soldiers and set off for the front once again.)

Svelda took upon herself the mantle of the Hero, devoting herself to a life of battle. After participating in the warfare between the Caligan Empire and Minas Ithil, she continued to serve as political tides changed and the Caligan Empire marched to support Minas Ithil against the northern realms.

Svelda was elected as the Countess of Avrende, and began to devote her time both to region governance, and to leading men into battle against the northern barbarians.

Varell, the second daughter

Varell, from the family home in Linhai province, was early on a follower of Sanguis Astroism, the worship of the Bloodstars. She was restricted to the family estate until the execution of her elder brother Gilles in Thulsoma. Upon his death, which she foretold in dream, she determined to leave behind the family estate and begin a life within the followers of the Bloodstars.