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Template:Main The Arylon Family Timeline is a linear account of the key events in Arylon Family for the past several generations. It gives a detailed account of when things happened in the lives of the current generation of Arylon's, as well as a number of generations prior to them.


ABA - Calender marking signifying "After the birth of Avalair"


  • 42 ABA - Alexis Arylon weds Serenity Dulles - a minor noble from Ravening, Cagilan Empire
  • 42 ABA - Serenity requests Alexis relocate to her homeland in Ravening - he agrees
  • 43 ABA - The birth of Alexis' first son, Mannix Arylon in Ravening
  • 44 ABA - The birth of Alexis' second son, Caven Arylon in Ravening
  • 47 ABA - The birth of Alexis' first daughter, Cia Arylon in Ravening
  • 49 ABA - The birth of Alexis' third son, Marcus Arylon in Ravening
  • 50 ABA - Alexis is granted lordship over the region of Nardil, and moves his family to the region
  • 52 ABA - The birth of Alexis' fourth son, Novak Arylon in Nardil
  • 53 ABA - The birth of Alexis' second daughter Olivia Arylon in Nardil
  • 63 ABA - Mannix Arylon weds Genesis Terra - a commoner
  • 63 ABA - The birth of Mannix's first son Jaden Arylon in Nardil
  • 64 ABA - The birth of Mannix's second son Galen Arylon in Nardil
  • 67 ABA - The birth of Mannix's third son Taran Arylon in Nardil
  • 67 ABA - The birth of Mannix's fourth son Fisc Arylon in Nardil
  • 74 ABA - Mannix, Genesis, Jaden and Galen set off for The Colonies to claim new lands for the Arylon family (Taran and Fisc remain in Nardil)
  • 77 ABA - Mannix is overwhelmed, captured and brought to prison
  • 77 ABA - (3 Months later) Mannix is purchased as chattel by a Toren noble to come to the SEI and fight for him
  • 78 ABA - Jaden and Galen are thrown in jail, beaten, tortured, starved, etc...
  • 79 ABA - Jaden and Galen are released from prison and begin living with their mother and Istar
  • 80 ABA - Jaden escapes the clutches of Istar, leaving Galen and Genesis behind
  • 81 ABA - While caring for a sick peasant, Genesis contracts a deadly sickness and only months later dies
  • 82 ABA - With Genesis gone, Istar destroys any record of Galen's heritage, orders his name and nobility stripped, and banished him to the nakedness of the harsh countryside to kill monsters, or be killed by them.
  • 83 ABA - Fisc travels to SEI to find his father, Mannix
  • 84 ABA - Mannix Arylon is killed in Toren - head of House Arylon is transferred to Fisc due to the believed death of Jaden Arylon
  • 84 ABA - Taran leaves the Cagilan Empire in favor of Abington
  • 85 ABA - Galen Arylon obtains nobility back after performing deeds for a number of nobles
  • 86 ABA - Galen immigrates to Atamara, moves to Minas Ithil
  • 93 ABA - Fisc Arylon founds the Kingdom of Everguard, becoming the High King and making the Arylon Clan of royal blood.

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